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Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Furor beating the young man?

2. Why is Amoret so uncomfortable about traveling with Britomart?

3. How is Acrasia captured?

4. What does Blandamour suggest the prize for the loser should be in his proposed duel with Braggadochio?

5. What gets in the way of the engagement between The Red Cross Knight and Una?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who are the three knights chasing Samient, and why are they chasing her?

2. Why would Arthur be so enthralled in a book of history?

3. What does the blood on the baby's hands symbolize?

4. How is Guyon defeated for the first time in his life?

5. Why are Duessa and Paridell such a good couple?

6. Where does Arthur find the monster?

7. What common ailment do Timias and Serena share?

8. Why does Belphoebe dwell in the woods when she was born to higher things?

9. Why does an angel watch over Guyon?

10. Why are Artegall and Scudamore so happy when Britomart's helmet is knocked off?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The appearance of the Salvage Man brings up an interesting argument. Can men be truly civilized without education? Can education truly civilize even the worst of men? What are your feelings on the importance of education? Use examples from the book to support your ideas.

Essay Topic 2

The laws of Chivalry were extremely important to some of the characters in this book--so much so that some were willing to die or kill in order to uphold those laws. Who were these characters willing to kill or die for the laws, and how did these laws effect these character's lives? What laws were broken, and how were they justified?

Essay Topic 3

Spenser uses the names of his characters as a form of satire on society. He takes some of the key values, emotions, and components of our beings and personifies them in his book. Take five of these names and illustrate whether or not you agree with his stance on that character. Is the description accurate? What would you have changed?

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