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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Timias retreat to the woods as a hermit?

2. Who protects Guyon from his enemies while he is unconscious?

3. Why do Britomart and Artegall part after finally finding each other?

4. Why is Belphoebe in the woods instead of at court?

5. What happens to Malbecco after being rejected by Hellenore after he finds her in the forest with the Satyrs.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why would Arthur be so enthralled in a book of history?

2. What happens when Britomart meets Artegall, and why is this so ironic?

3. What is the mission that Columbell sent her beloved on, and why?

4. Why does Belphoebe dwell in the woods when she was born to higher things?

5. How is Florimell finally saved?

6. Explain Artegall's Solomon-like solution with Saglier.

7. What happens when the two Florimells stand next to each other and why do you think this occurs?

8. What common ailment do Timias and Serena share?

9. Who do Talus and Artegall meet on the road home?

10. What kind of circumstances does Hellenore find herself in?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Red Cross Knight is a valiant, but flawed, hero who gets all of his faults washed clean and reversed during his stay at the House of Holiness. List some or all of the things that were done during this experience and write about your feelings on this. Could this really have turned the tides on such a naive and foolish character?

Essay Topic 2

Love is an ongoing theme in this book as Spenser juxtaposes a number of different couples throughout the plot. Explore the best and the worst of these relationships. What makes the best one good and the worst one bad? Are they realistic at all?

Essay Topic 3

Braggadochio is a very foolish and pompous character in this book. What is his real weakness? Where is it illustrated best? How does his folly change the way the plot goes?

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