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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Serena flee into the woods again?
(a) She is scared by the hermit.
(b) She thinks Timias is dead.
(c) She thinks she sees Calidore.
(d) Timias is trying to attack her.

2. Who is Calidore searching for?
(a) The Blatant Beast.
(b) The Hairy Carl.
(c) Archimago.
(d) Duessa.

3. Why does Dolon set a trap for Britomart?
(a) He wants to punish Artegall by killing his beloved.
(b) He wants her to marry one of his sons.
(c) He believes that she killed his son.
(d) He wants to take her virtue.

4. What terms are settled by Clarinda and Artegall?
(a) They will fight for two more days and then decide the winner.
(b) Artegall and Radigund will fight one-on-one the next day.
(c) The men will leave and not harrass the women warriors any longer.
(d) The women warriors will discontiue their blood thirsty ways.

5. What lets Radigund defeat Artegall?
(a) When he sees her face after taking off her helmet, he is overcome by her beauty.
(b) Artegall allows himself to lose so that he can study the Amazons from captivity.
(c) She is a better fighter.
(d) Artegall cannot kill a woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the father of Amidas and Bracidas leave his son as an inheritance when he died.

2. What is Tristram's excuse for killing a knight when he is not a knight himself.

3. What are the names of the three figures who attacked Timias?

4. What does Radigund, the Amazon warrior, make all of the men she defeats do?

5. What does Talus do to Brggadochio for stealing Guyon's horse?

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