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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which one of these is NOT one of the things that the hermit teaches Serena and Timias?
(a) Avoidance of Secrets.
(b) Virtuous Living.
(c) Kindness to all.
(d) Self Control.

2. How does Artegall get through the mob on the beach on his way to Grantoro?
(a) Artegall fights them all.
(b) They are in a state of chaos and turn on each other.
(c) Grantoro kills them.
(d) Talus slays them for Artegall.

3. What stops Arthur and Enias from killing the two creatures that were mistreating Mirabella?
(a) Arthur takes pity on their mournful pleas.
(b) Mirabell explains that she needs them for her recovery from pride.
(c) They dissapear in a swirl of black smoke.
(d) They see Timias in the woods and rush to give him aid.

4. What terms are settled by Clarinda and Artegall?
(a) Artegall and Radigund will fight one-on-one the next day.
(b) The women warriors will discontiue their blood thirsty ways.
(c) The men will leave and not harrass the women warriors any longer.
(d) They will fight for two more days and then decide the winner.

5. How does Calidore ignore the laws of Courtesy?
(a) He does not leave Serena with a kiss.
(b) He let the beast escape while looking for Calepine.
(c) He does not rise when Serena rises as is customary.
(d) He fails to check on Serena when she is dropped from the mouth of the beast.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes to kill the band of brigands?

2. Why is Priscilla so worried about her reputation?

3. What was Mirabella being punished for?

4. Why does the poet decide to forswear earthly vanities?

5. How many days does Artegall have to get to Grantoro's castle before Eirena will be killed?

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