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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Tristram's excuse for killing a knight when he is not a knight himself.
(a) The knight was disrespectful to him.
(b) The knight was riding a horse stolen from Tristram's uncle.
(c) The knight killed his brother.
(d) He saw the knight mistreating a lady..

2. What does Maleffort do to knights and ladies that he captures?
(a) Shaves and shears them.
(b) Mocks them until they lose all confidence.
(c) Curses them with impotence and infertility.
(d) Gouges out their eyes.

3. Why do Artegall and Britomart part ways once more?
(a) Artegall wants time to repent of his sins before seeing Britomart again.
(b) They fight and swear to never see each other again.
(c) Britomart is so angry about the whole situation that she cannot stand to be around Artegall.
(d) Artegall and Talus are still on the quest to save Eirena.

4. What was Mirabella being punished for?
(a) She was haughty and rude to Gloriana.
(b) She did not keep the secrets of her betrothed love.
(c) She disdained love and rejoiced when her suitors pined for her.
(d) She was unfaithful to her knight.

5. What does Marinell hear while wandering around the castle?
(a) Florimell crying for him while in prison.
(b) A song telling him how to contiune on his quest.
(c) An evil plot between two withces to destroy the wedding.
(d) His mother with Proteus.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Calpine feel determines a child's destiny?

2. What was Artegall given to help him rescue Eirena?

3. Why does Serena flee into the woods again?

4. Who is Calidore searching for?

5. Why do Serena and Timias stay with the hermit while the rest travel on?

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