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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Geryoneo run away from Belge's castle?
(a) He sees Arthur's shield and is afraid of him.
(b) He sees Arthur kill four men.
(c) He is out of men to feed to the monster.
(d) He tries to fight, but is overcome by Arthur's fighting ability.

2. Why does Serena flee into the woods again?
(a) She thinks Timias is dead.
(b) She is scared by the hermit.
(c) Timias is trying to attack her.
(d) She thinks she sees Calidore.

3. What was Mirabella being punished for?
(a) She was haughty and rude to Gloriana.
(b) She did not keep the secrets of her betrothed love.
(c) She disdained love and rejoiced when her suitors pined for her.
(d) She was unfaithful to her knight.

4. Why is Priscilla so worried about her reputation?
(a) She ran away with a knight when she was betrothed to another.
(b) She had her virture taken away from her on the road.
(c) She fled from her father under false pretences.
(d) She is in love with Calidore and is afraid he thinks her weak and unworthy.

5. What interesting point does the Salvage Man prove?
(a) An uneducated savage can be more civil than an educated knight.
(b) Reading the stars is more important than reading books.
(c) Speaking is an over-rated practice.
(d) Those who cannot read can fight better.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose castle is Florimell being held captive in?

2. What do Artegall and Arthur use to get Malengin to come out of his cave?

3. Who injures Calepine?

4. Who is the main competition for Pastorella's love?

5. What happens when the two Florimells stand next to each other?

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