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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Dolon set a trap for Britomart?
(a) He wants to take her virtue.
(b) He believes that she killed his son.
(c) He wants her to marry one of his sons.
(d) He wants to punish Artegall by killing his beloved.

2. How does Britomart escape the trap that Dolon set for him.
(a) She gets one of his sons to help her.
(b) She fights him when she is caught.
(c) Talus helps her escape.
(d) She stays awake all night.

3. What makes Geryoneo run away from Belge's castle?
(a) He is out of men to feed to the monster.
(b) He sees Arthur's shield and is afraid of him.
(c) He sees Arthur kill four men.
(d) He tries to fight, but is overcome by Arthur's fighting ability.

4. Who does Mutability battle and debate with?
(a) Jove.
(b) Immutability.
(c) Nature.
(d) Diana.

5. What is Britomart so disgusted about when she sees Artegall?
(a) She finds him with Clarinda.
(b) She finds him with Radigund.
(c) He has many horrible wounds.
(d) He is wearing women's clothing.

6. What does Radigund, the Amazon warrior, make all of the men she defeats do?
(a) Make love to them.
(b) Serve as slaves.
(c) Fight each other in a spectator's ring.
(d) Wear dresses and perform women's work.

7. What is Colin Clout's special gift?
(a) He creates worlds with his music.
(b) He is a shape-shifter.
(c) He can read minds.
(d) He can see into the future.

8. Why does the brigand not sell Coridon?
(a) He works so well that the brigands keep him on as their own slave.
(b) He escapes.
(c) He is such a weakling that no one will buy him.
(d) One of the brigands has fallen in love with him.

9. How does Artegall escape from the Amazons?
(a) Arthur rescues him.
(b) Radigund lets him go.
(c) He sneaks away while the women are all sleeping.
(d) Clarinda helps him after he pldeges his love to her.

10. What is Marinell's mother?
(a) A Sea Nymph.
(b) A Goddess of Fire.
(c) A servant of Venus.
(d) A Wood Nymph.

11. Why did Astraea leave the earth?
(a) Man's excessive evils.
(b) To avenge the death of his brother.
(c) To seek solace for deep emotional wounds.
(d) To follow his love.

12. Who falls in love with Artegall while he is in captivity?
(a) Florimell.
(b) All the women.
(c) Clemechte.
(d) Radigund and Clarinda

13. What occupation does Tristram's father hold?
(a) Squire.
(b) King.
(c) Knight.
(d) Farmer.

14. Why does Jove allow her to continue her destruction of Man's Golden Age?
(a) She deceives them with stories of their hatred.
(b) She threatens to destroy the Gods.
(c) She promises her hand in marriage if she may continue.
(d) He is charmed by her beauty.

15. Which of these is one thing that Mutability does NOT claim to control?
(a) Air.
(b) Water.
(c) Grass.
(d) Fire.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Artegall and Britomart part ways once more?

2. What happens when the two Florimells stand next to each other?

3. Who is Pastorella's mother?

4. What does Talus do to Brggadochio for stealing Guyon's horse?

5. How does Calidore ignore the laws of Courtesy?

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