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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Serena so hard to recognize when she is rescued in the forest?
(a) She is silent and naked.
(b) She is in disguise as someone else.
(c) She received many wounds.
(d) She is covered in dirt and mud.

2. What is the interpretation to Britomart's crazy dream about being impregnated by a crocodile and giving birth to a lion?
(a) Artegall will try to deceive her.
(b) She and Artegall will be married and rear a great king.
(c) She will be raped, but Artegall will still marry her and raise the offspring not his as his own.
(d) She will die in child birth, but Artegall will care for the child.

3. What occupation does Tristram's father hold?
(a) Squire.
(b) King.
(c) Knight.
(d) Farmer.

4. Who injures Calepine?
(a) The Beast.
(b) Turpine.
(c) Artegall.
(d) Calidore.

5. Which of the following is NOT something found on the man-eating monster?
(a) Dragon's tail.
(b) Dog's body.
(c) Eagle's claws.
(d) Woman's face.

6. What two things does Calpine leave behind once again?
(a) Serena and Timias.
(b) His sword and his shield.
(c) His helmet and his food.
(d) His armor and his horse.

7. What are the names of the two hags who meet Artegall and Talus on the road back home?
(a) Envy and Detraction.
(b) Lewdness and Perversion.
(c) Idleness and Impurity.
(d) Jealousy and Distraction.

8. What happens when the two Florimells stand next to each other?
(a) The Snowy Florimell melts.
(b) They become fast friends and sisters.
(c) They both die.
(d) The Snowy Florimell kills the real Florimell.

9. Why does the brigand not sell Coridon?
(a) He escapes.
(b) He works so well that the brigands keep him on as their own slave.
(c) One of the brigands has fallen in love with him.
(d) He is such a weakling that no one will buy him.

10. What is Britomart so disgusted about when she sees Artegall?
(a) He has many horrible wounds.
(b) He is wearing women's clothing.
(c) She finds him with Clarinda.
(d) She finds him with Radigund.

11. How many days does Artegall have to get to Grantoro's castle before Eirena will be killed?
(a) 14
(b) 10
(c) 30
(d) 20

12. Why is Artegall upset with Braggadochio accepting the winning prize?
(a) Artegall is jealous of Braggadochio's skills.
(b) Artegall suspects that Braggadochio cheated.
(c) Artegall won the prize using Braggadochio's shield.
(d) Braggadochio threatened to kill Artegall if he won.

13. What does Talus do to Brggadochio for stealing Guyon's horse?
(a) Makes Braggadochio purchase three more horses for Guyon.
(b) Cuts off his right hand.
(c) Brands the mark of the thief on his forehead.
(d) Shaves his head and breaks his sword.

14. Whose castle is Florimell being held captive in?
(a) Archimago.
(b) Orgoglio.
(c) Arthur.
(d) Proteus.

15. What does Artegall demand if he wins the battle with Grantoro?
(a) Eirena's hand in marriage.
(b) That Eirena be placed back on her throne.
(c) A chest full of riches.
(d) Safe passage back to Britomart's kingdom.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Marinell's mother?

2. What stops Arthur and Enias from killing the two creatures that were mistreating Mirabella?

3. Who kills Malengin?

4. What lets Radigund defeat Artegall?

5. What was Mirabella being punished for?

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