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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who ended the battle between Triamond and Campbell with her pleading?
(a) Canacee.
(b) Florimell.
(c) Belphoebe.
(d) Cambina.

2. What unlikely protector does Una find?
(a) The Red Cross Knight's brother.
(b) An evil serpent.
(c) A lion who would have eaten her.
(d) A deaf and dumb enchantress.

3. What does Blandamour suggest the prize for the loser should be in his proposed duel with Braggadochio?
(a) A week of servitude.
(b) Ate.
(c) The broken spear.
(d) Exilement.

4. How did Triamond survive his battle with Campbell?
(a) He took the magic ring off his finger.
(b) His brothers gave him their life force.
(c) He agreed to marry Canacee if his life was spared.
(d) He was very skilled in dodging Cambell's blows.

5. How does Arthur bribe his way into the castle?
(a) He promises to protect them against all enemies.
(b) He uses the giants head which he cut off.
(c) He offers to tell secrets of their enemies that would weaken their defenses.
(d) He threatens to cast spells that Merlin taught him.

6. What does Maleger ride as he comes to attack the castle?
(a) A donkey.
(b) A tiger.
(c) A lion.
(d) A great stallion.

7. Why does Timias retreat to the woods as a hermit?
(a) He prefers the simplicity of life away from civilization.
(b) He is distraught over Belphoebe's ill-founded bad opinion of him.
(c) He is ashamed of not defeating The Hairy Carl.
(d) He has been rejected in love and no logner wants to live.

8. How did Braggadochio come across his horse?
(a) He inherited it from his uncle.
(b) He stole it from Guyon.
(c) Belphoebe gave it to him as a reward for finding her.
(d) He found it wandering in the woods.

9. Why is Sir Scudamore so unhappy when Britomart finds him?
(a) He has been unfaithful to Amoret, his love, and is shamed by his actions.
(b) His castle is being burnt down by Amoret.
(c) An evil magician has taken away his love, Amoret, against her will.
(d) Amoret, his betrothed has run away with another knight.

10. Who is the only woman who can wear the girdle of Florimell?
(a) Amoret.
(b) Belphoebe.
(c) Una.
(d) The Snowy Florimell.

11. What is The Red Cross Knight shown when his destiny is revealed to him?
(a) After fighting dragons, he will one day be known as a great saint.
(b) His children will live on to be great kings and rulers over many nations.
(c) He will die trying to protect his true love.
(d) He will marry for love and live a quiet but happy life.

12. Who comes on the scene as Paridell's new love interest?
(a) Duessa.
(b) Archimago in disguise.
(c) Belphoebe.
(d) Una.

13. Why did Britomart become a knight?
(a) Her mother had seen a vision of her child bearing a spear and Britomart was her only child, so she had to fulfill it.
(b) She was forced to learn to fight because of the lack of able-bodied men in her kingdom.
(c) She preferred learnign to fight to the softer ways of women.
(d) Her father wanted her to be a boy, so raised her as one.

14. Why does Malbecco refuse to let the knights into his castle and make them sleep in the pig shed on the first night?
(a) He was told in a dream that a group of knights would try to kill his wife.
(b) He fears that they may hurt him and his family.
(c) He hates all knights because his father was killed by an evil knight.
(d) He does not like to let his wife meet new people.

15. Who is the messenger who delivers the engagement-breaking news?
(a) Una.
(b) Duessa.
(c) The Dwarf.
(d) Archimago in disguise.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Britomart's quest?

2. What did Britomart see in the magic mirror that Merlin showed her?

3. Why does Alma, the virgin ruler of the castle, welcome Arthur and Guyon so warmly?

4. Who took Belphoebe from her sleeping mother's side and raised her?

5. Who wounds Amoret in the woods?

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