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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes Malecasta to faint?
(a) Hearing that The Red Cross Knight will not take pleasure in her because of his love for Una.
(b) Seeing The Red Cross Knight and Britomart together.
(c) Finding that her beloved knight, Britomart, is a woman.
(d) Seeing four of her six knights hewn down by The Red Cross Knight.

2. Who does Britomart defeat without recognizing?
(a) Blandamour.
(b) Artegall.
(c) Braggadochio.
(d) The Red Cross Knight.

3. How does the Red Cross Knight finally defeat the dreaded dragon?
(a) He gouges out his eyes and is then able to stab the heart while it is blinded.
(b) He creeps up on it during the night while he is sleeping.
(c) He stabs it through the throat after being swallowed.
(d) He puts a curse on the dragon that Arthur taught him.

4. In what mysterious way was Belphoebe's mother impregnated with her and her twin sister?
(a) By the mischieveous Cupid.
(b) Through prayers and a deep desire for a baby.
(c) Nobody knows. This is something Belphoebe is searching to find out.
(d) By the sun's rays while sleeping by the water.

5. What is Una leading along with her on this journey?
(a) A White lamb.
(b) A sly monster who is tracking her without her notice.
(c) Everyone, she is the leader of the group.
(d) A dwarf she saved from danger.

6. What causes Una to faint numerous times?
(a) She comes across Sansloy and fears for her virtue.
(b) Archimago appears to her disguised as Error, and she faints in fear.
(c) She is told that The Red Cross Knight has been killed by Duessa.
(d) She hears news from The Dwarf that The Red Cross Knight is alive, but captured by a great giant.

7. Who does Una come across in her distress that gives her hope?
(a) Duessa.
(b) Arthur
(c) The Red Cross Knight.
(d) Archimago disguised as The Red Cross Knight.

8. Why does The Red Cross Knight abandon Una?
(a) Una mocks his strength and ability.
(b) He is summoned away by the Faerie Queene in a dream.
(c) He does not abandon her. Una is the one who leaves of her own accord.
(d) Archimago summons his evil spirit to appear as Una being unfaithful with another man.

9. Why did Britomart become a knight?
(a) Her father wanted her to be a boy, so raised her as one.
(b) She preferred learnign to fight to the softer ways of women.
(c) She was forced to learn to fight because of the lack of able-bodied men in her kingdom.
(d) Her mother had seen a vision of her child bearing a spear and Britomart was her only child, so she had to fulfill it.

10. Who is the first person to ever defeat Guyon in a fight?
(a) Una.
(b) Britomart.
(c) The Red Cross Knight.
(d) Arthur.

11. Who kills Pyrochles and Cymochles while Guyon is sleeping?
(a) The Angel.
(b) The Palmer.
(c) Arthur.
(d) They kill each other by fighting over who gets to kill Guyon.

12. Where does Phaedra take Guymon and Cymochles with her ferry?
(a) A dank, dark, dungeon.
(b) An island of pleasures.
(c) A desolate land.
(d) The House of Holiness.

13. Why does Hellenore set fire to her husband's treasures?
(a) So that she and Paridell can have more time to run away together while he puts out the fire.
(b) She is jealous that Malbecco loves the treasure more than her.
(c) She is trying to get Malbecco to send her away in anger so that she can be with her true love.
(d) She was told in a dream that setting it on fire would multiply it.

14. Who ended the battle between Triamond and Campbell with her pleading?
(a) Belphoebe.
(b) Canacee.
(c) Florimell.
(d) Cambina.

15. What is The Red Cross Knight shown when his destiny is revealed to him?
(a) After fighting dragons, he will one day be known as a great saint.
(b) He will die trying to protect his true love.
(c) His children will live on to be great kings and rulers over many nations.
(d) He will marry for love and live a quiet but happy life.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Martinell refuse passage to Britomart on the beach?

2. Why does Sansjoy challenge The Red Cross Knight to a duel?

3. What did Britomart see in the magic mirror that Merlin showed her?

4. What does the witch do to calm his son down after Florimell runs away?

5. Who protects Guyon from his enemies while he is unconscious?

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