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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Furor beating the young man?
(a) Occasion, his mother, told him to.
(b) He has mistaken the young man for someone else who disrespected him.
(c) The young man stole his horse.
(d) He is trying to get information out of him.

2. What does the Dwarf find in the basement of The House of Pride?
(a) Una trapped in a dungeon.
(b) The bodies of those who would not leave because they had been overcome with pride.
(c) An armory full of weapons of war and destruction.
(d) Mountains of gold and precious stones.

3. Why did Canacee give Cambell a magic ring?
(a) To save his life and make him king.
(b) To confuse his wits and have him make her queen.
(c) To protect him during the tournament and keep herself from getting married.
(d) To cause him to lose so that she could marry Triamond.

4. Why does Britomart allow Busirane to live after he tried to kill her and her sister?
(a) She needs him alive to heal Amoret.
(b) She wants to leave him where someone else will kill him so that his blood is not on her hands.
(c) She wants him to train her in the art of sorcery.
(d) She is in love with him.

5. Why does Sansjoy challenge The Red Cross Knight to a duel?
(a) He hates any righteous person and wants to stamp out the faith of the Knight.
(b) The Red Cross Knight killed his brother.
(c) He wants to avenge the hurts he caused Una.
(d) He is in love with the Knight's new traveling companion, Duessa.

6. Who is the first person to ever defeat Guyon in a fight?
(a) The Red Cross Knight.
(b) Arthur.
(c) Una.
(d) Britomart.

7. What protects Guyon and the Palmer from the horde of beasts that guard Acrasia's abode?
(a) Fervent prayers.
(b) Guyon's sword.
(c) The Palmer's staff.
(d) Arthur.

8. What happens to Malbecco after being rejected by Hellenore after he finds her in the forest with the Satyrs.
(a) He returns to his buried treasure to find it gone and slinks away to live out his days in a cave as Jealousy.
(b) He finds a Satyr that he falls in love with and takes her away from the forest instead.
(c) He joins the band of Satyrs hoping to one day win back the affections of Hellenore.
(d) He curses her to never bear children because of her unfaithfulness.

9. What is happening when Britomart finds Amoret?
(a) Busirane has put Amoret under a spell and she attacks Britomart.
(b) Amoret is tied to a pillar while Busirane casts spells on her.
(c) Busirane is trying to heal Amoret from some of her previous wounds.
(d) Amoret is running away from Busirane who is hurling curses at her.

10. What causes Malecasta to faint?
(a) Hearing that The Red Cross Knight will not take pleasure in her because of his love for Una.
(b) Seeing The Red Cross Knight and Britomart together.
(c) Finding that her beloved knight, Britomart, is a woman.
(d) Seeing four of her six knights hewn down by The Red Cross Knight.

11. How does Sansjoy recover after he loses his duel with the Red Cross Knight?
(a) He and Duessa convince a physician in the underworld to bring him back to life.
(b) Archimago saves him after Sansjoy agrees to help him destroy Una.
(c) He escapes to the Bower of Bliss, where he heals over time.
(d) Duessa gives her life in exchange for Sansjoy's.

12. What was Aemylia doing when she was captured by The Hairy Carl?
(a) Meeting her lover in the woods for a tryst.
(b) Running from a group of lusty men.
(c) Following a ray of light that led her to the woods and then disappeared.
(d) Looking for berries.

13. How does Arthur finally defeat Maleger after he revives himself from death numerous times?
(a) He chops off his head and then burns it so that his degenerative powers can't take hold.
(b) He tells his army that he is planning to kill them and they help to kill him.
(c) He uses a spell he found in a book that makes him a mere mortal.
(d) He hold him in the air as he dies so that the earth from which he was made will not restore him.

14. How does Lucifera welcome Duessa and The Red Cross Knight as they approach The House of Pride?
(a) She prepares a glorious feast.
(b) She showers them with gifts in an effort to keep him from fulfilling the duty he was sent out to accomplish.
(c) She puts on a parade of her six trusted advisors.
(d) She locks them up in a dungeon because she suspects foul play.

15. Why does Guyon collapse after being returned to the surface?
(a) He has had three days and nights with no food or sleep.
(b) He sees a dragon and faints out of fear.
(c) He collapses out of relief for his life being spared.
(d) He feels ashamed for his behavior with Mammon, and collapses in despair and shame.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Cymochles fight Guymon?

2. Who is the victor of the tournament?

3. Why did Britomart become a knight?

4. Who is the messenger who delivers the engagement-breaking news?

5. What causes Una to faint numerous times?

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