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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Sir Scudamore so happy when Artegall cracks Britomart's helmet in battle?
(a) He sees for the first time that she is a woman.
(b) He sees her beauty and falls in love with her.
(c) He hates Britomart and wants her to lose.
(d) It proves that she is not unbeatable.

2. What is the destiny for one of Britomart's future daughters, as revealed to her by Merlin?
(a) Another great female knight.
(b) A foolish princess who will destroy the kingdom through her carelessness.
(c) An evil enchantress.
(d) A future virgin queen.

3. How does the Red Cross Knight finally defeat the dreaded dragon?
(a) He puts a curse on the dragon that Arthur taught him.
(b) He gouges out his eyes and is then able to stab the heart while it is blinded.
(c) He stabs it through the throat after being swallowed.
(d) He creeps up on it during the night while he is sleeping.

4. What protects Guyon and the Palmer from the horde of beasts that guard Acrasia's abode?
(a) Arthur.
(b) Guyon's sword.
(c) The Palmer's staff.
(d) Fervent prayers.

5. Why did Canacee give Cambell a magic ring?
(a) To cause him to lose so that she could marry Triamond.
(b) To confuse his wits and have him make her queen.
(c) To protect him during the tournament and keep herself from getting married.
(d) To save his life and make him king.

6. What is happening when Britomart finds Amoret?
(a) Busirane is trying to heal Amoret from some of her previous wounds.
(b) Busirane has put Amoret under a spell and she attacks Britomart.
(c) Amoret is running away from Busirane who is hurling curses at her.
(d) Amoret is tied to a pillar while Busirane casts spells on her.

7. Why does Timias not declare his love for Belphoebe after she heals him of his wounds?
(a) He thinks she is too low for his high standards.
(b) He is sure she is in love with another.
(c) He feels too low for her great standards.
(d) He fears the wrath of her father.

8. Why does Timias retreat to the woods as a hermit?
(a) He is ashamed of not defeating The Hairy Carl.
(b) He is distraught over Belphoebe's ill-founded bad opinion of him.
(c) He has been rejected in love and no logner wants to live.
(d) He prefers the simplicity of life away from civilization.

9. Why is Amoret so uncomfortable about traveling with Britomart?
(a) She is afraid that Sir Scudamore, her husband, will be unhappy.
(b) She is afraid that Britomart will ask for information that she has promised to tell no one.
(c) She fears for her virtue because she does not know that Britomart is a woman.
(d) She feels so indebted, but has no way to repay her.

10. Who does Britomart defeat without recognizing?
(a) Artegall.
(b) Braggadochio.
(c) Blandamour.
(d) The Red Cross Knight.

11. What unlikely protector does Una find?
(a) A deaf and dumb enchantress.
(b) An evil serpent.
(c) The Red Cross Knight's brother.
(d) A lion who would have eaten her.

12. What surprise is revealed to Poeana?
(a) Her father forced her lover to be with her.
(b) She is secretly being held hostage by her father.
(c) She has magical powers.
(d) She has had two lovers who look alike.

13. What is The Squire's unique quest that he has been sent on by his beloved Columbell?
(a) He has to defeat 300 knights in battle.
(b) He is to find 300 women who will refuse him and his love advances.
(c) He has to defeat 300 monsters.
(d) He needs to acquire the mane hair of 300 horses.

14. Why does Malbecco finally let the knights in?
(a) They promise to protect him and his family from all enemies while they are there.
(b) His wife convinces him to let them in.
(c) They show him the many gifts they have rought for his wife.
(d) With the help of Britomart, they burn down his front gates.

15. Why does Britomart allow Busirane to live after he tried to kill her and her sister?
(a) She needs him alive to heal Amoret.
(b) She wants to leave him where someone else will kill him so that his blood is not on her hands.
(c) She wants him to train her in the art of sorcery.
(d) She is in love with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why won't the blood on the baby's hands wash off?

2. What does the fisherman do when he wakes up to see Florimell in his boat?

3. What did Britomart see in the magic mirror that Merlin showed her?

4. Why does Cymochles fight Guymon?

5. What is Britomart's quest?

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