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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Lucifera welcome Duessa and The Red Cross Knight as they approach The House of Pride?
(a) She locks them up in a dungeon because she suspects foul play.
(b) She puts on a parade of her six trusted advisors.
(c) She prepares a glorious feast.
(d) She showers them with gifts in an effort to keep him from fulfilling the duty he was sent out to accomplish.

2. Why did Canacee give Cambell a magic ring?
(a) To save his life and make him king.
(b) To cause him to lose so that she could marry Triamond.
(c) To protect him during the tournament and keep herself from getting married.
(d) To confuse his wits and have him make her queen.

3. Arthur finds a book in the castle that is of great interest to him. What is it about?
(a) A book of spells and potions.
(b) His future.
(c) Some tales of great explorers.
(d) The history of Britain.

4. What unlikely protector does Una find?
(a) The Red Cross Knight's brother.
(b) A deaf and dumb enchantress.
(c) A lion who would have eaten her.
(d) An evil serpent.

5. Who is the only woman who can wear the girdle of Florimell?
(a) Amoret.
(b) The Snowy Florimell.
(c) Una.
(d) Belphoebe.

6. What is happening when Britomart finds Amoret?
(a) Amoret is tied to a pillar while Busirane casts spells on her.
(b) Busirane is trying to heal Amoret from some of her previous wounds.
(c) Amoret is running away from Busirane who is hurling curses at her.
(d) Busirane has put Amoret under a spell and she attacks Britomart.

7. Who is the first person to ever defeat Guyon in a fight?
(a) Una.
(b) Britomart.
(c) Arthur.
(d) The Red Cross Knight.

8. Who is the brother of Pyrochles?
(a) The father of Furor.
(b) The King of the Land.
(c) The brother of Archimago.
(d) The lover of Acrasia.

9. What surprise is revealed to Poeana?
(a) She has magical powers.
(b) She is secretly being held hostage by her father.
(c) She has had two lovers who look alike.
(d) Her father forced her lover to be with her.

10. How does Sansjoy recover after he loses his duel with the Red Cross Knight?
(a) Duessa gives her life in exchange for Sansjoy's.
(b) Archimago saves him after Sansjoy agrees to help him destroy Una.
(c) He escapes to the Bower of Bliss, where he heals over time.
(d) He and Duessa convince a physician in the underworld to bring him back to life.

11. What does Blandamour suggest the prize for the loser should be in his proposed duel with Braggadochio?
(a) The broken spear.
(b) Exilement.
(c) A week of servitude.
(d) Ate.

12. Who is Arthur in love with?
(a) Archimago disguised as a fair maiden.
(b) Belphoebe.
(c) Una.
(d) Gloriana.

13. What leads Belphoebe back to Timias?
(a) A stag.
(b) A hawk.
(c) A turtle dove.
(d) A voice in her dreams telling her where to go.

14. What causes Una to run away alone once again?
(a) Archimago leads her away while disguised as another of the gentle forest people.
(b) She sees Sansloy and fears that he may attempt to ravish her again.
(c) She hears that The Red Cross Knight is near and runs to find him.
(d) Her new protector Satyrane is fighting a long and arduous battle with Sansloy.

15. What was Aemylia doing when she was captured by The Hairy Carl?
(a) Looking for berries.
(b) Running from a group of lusty men.
(c) Following a ray of light that led her to the woods and then disappeared.
(d) Meeting her lover in the woods for a tryst.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Archimago disguise himself as in an attempt to fool Una

2. Who kills Pyrochles and Cymochles while Guyon is sleeping?

3. What did Britomart see in the magic mirror that Merlin showed her?

4. Who wounds Amoret in the woods?

5. Why won't the blood on the baby's hands wash off?

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