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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What surprise is revealed to Poeana?
(a) Her father forced her lover to be with her.
(b) She has magical powers.
(c) She is secretly being held hostage by her father.
(d) She has had two lovers who look alike.

2. What is Guyon's mission?
(a) To avenge the death of his parents.
(b) To find the House of Holiness and cure his weaknesses.
(c) He is to defeat the evil witch Acrasia.
(d) To gather an army to help fight in the ranks of the Faerie Queene's army.

3. How does Lucifera welcome Duessa and The Red Cross Knight as they approach The House of Pride?
(a) She prepares a glorious feast.
(b) She locks them up in a dungeon because she suspects foul play.
(c) She puts on a parade of her six trusted advisors.
(d) She showers them with gifts in an effort to keep him from fulfilling the duty he was sent out to accomplish.

4. Who is the messenger who delivers the engagement-breaking news?
(a) Una.
(b) Archimago in disguise.
(c) The Dwarf.
(d) Duessa.

5. How is Orgoglio finally defeated?
(a) Sansloy defeats him thinking that it might be Archimago in disguise.
(b) The Red Cross Knight pretends to be dead, and then vanquishes Orgoglio when he turns away in vain triumph.
(c) Duessa betrays him and stabs him from behind.
(d) Arthur reveals an extremely bright shield and conquers him.

6. Why did Britomart become a knight?
(a) She preferred learnign to fight to the softer ways of women.
(b) She was forced to learn to fight because of the lack of able-bodied men in her kingdom.
(c) Her father wanted her to be a boy, so raised her as one.
(d) Her mother had seen a vision of her child bearing a spear and Britomart was her only child, so she had to fulfill it.

7. Who protects Guyon from his enemies while he is unconscious?
(a) Phaedra.
(b) An Angel and the Palmer.
(c) The Red Cross Knight.
(d) Mammon.

8. Why does Alma, the virgin ruler of the castle, welcome Arthur and Guyon so warmly?
(a) She is a servant of Acrasia and wants to poison them at banquet.
(b) She is Archimago in disguise.
(c) They disbanded the group of ruffians who were attacking the castle.
(d) She knows that they took part in defeating Pyrochles and Cymochles.

9. Why did Canacee give Cambell a magic ring?
(a) To save his life and make him king.
(b) To confuse his wits and have him make her queen.
(c) To protect him during the tournament and keep herself from getting married.
(d) To cause him to lose so that she could marry Triamond.

10. Who is the victor of the tournament?
(a) Archimago in disguise.
(b) The Red Cross Knight.
(c) Britomart.
(d) Braggadochio.

11. Why does Timias not declare his love for Belphoebe after she heals him of his wounds?
(a) He fears the wrath of her father.
(b) He thinks she is too low for his high standards.
(c) He feels too low for her great standards.
(d) He is sure she is in love with another.

12. What are the messages that Britomart finds in the two chambers?
(a) Be Wise and Be Not Too Wise
(b) Be Great and Be Not Too Great.
(c) Be Bold and Be Not Too Bold.
(d) Be Afraid and Be Not Too Afraid.

13. What does the beast do when he fails to capture and kill Florimell after she jumps into the fisherman's boat?
(a) He tries to swim after her and drowns.
(b) He tears himself apart in shame.
(c) He eats her horse.
(d) He goes back to the witch's son and eats him.

14. Why did Phedon kill his best friend and his betrothed?
(a) Claribel and Philemon tried to kill him.
(b) Philemon tricked Phedon into thinking that Claribell had been unfaithful.
(c) His best friend had killed his brother in a duel that his fiancee arranged.
(d) He killed them by mistake thinking they were his enemies.

15. What causes Malecasta to faint?
(a) Finding that her beloved knight, Britomart, is a woman.
(b) Seeing four of her six knights hewn down by The Red Cross Knight.
(c) Seeing The Red Cross Knight and Britomart together.
(d) Hearing that The Red Cross Knight will not take pleasure in her because of his love for Una.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Amoret so uncomfortable about traveling with Britomart?

2. Where does Phaedra take Guymon and Cymochles with her ferry?

3. Why does Malbecco refuse to let the knights into his castle and make them sleep in the pig shed on the first night?

4. Who comes on the scene as Paridell's new love interest?

5. How does the Red Cross Knight finally defeat the dreaded dragon?

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