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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes Una to run away alone once again?
(a) Archimago leads her away while disguised as another of the gentle forest people.
(b) She sees Sansloy and fears that he may attempt to ravish her again.
(c) Her new protector Satyrane is fighting a long and arduous battle with Sansloy.
(d) She hears that The Red Cross Knight is near and runs to find him.

2. What is Britomart's quest?
(a) To find Artegall, her future husband.
(b) To regain the throne of her kingdom.
(c) To aid the plight of Una.
(d) To avenge the death of her brother.

3. When Una recognizes The Red Cross Knight's weaknesses, what does she do to help him strengthen them?
(a) She builds up his confidence by praising all of his good qualities for over five hours.
(b) She prays with him for the strength he needs to overcome them three times a day.
(c) She takes him to the House of Holiness.
(d) She asks Arthur to train him in the proper ways of being a Knight.

4. What does Error vomit up as a defense against The Red Cross Knight's attack?
(a) Blood.
(b) Moldy books and papers.
(c) Knives and swords.
(d) Skin-searing acid.

5. Why did Britomart become a knight?
(a) She preferred learnign to fight to the softer ways of women.
(b) She was forced to learn to fight because of the lack of able-bodied men in her kingdom.
(c) Her mother had seen a vision of her child bearing a spear and Britomart was her only child, so she had to fulfill it.
(d) Her father wanted her to be a boy, so raised her as one.

6. Why did Phedon kill his best friend and his betrothed?
(a) Claribel and Philemon tried to kill him.
(b) He killed them by mistake thinking they were his enemies.
(c) Philemon tricked Phedon into thinking that Claribell had been unfaithful.
(d) His best friend had killed his brother in a duel that his fiancee arranged.

7. What does the Dwarf find in the basement of The House of Pride?
(a) Una trapped in a dungeon.
(b) The bodies of those who would not leave because they had been overcome with pride.
(c) An armory full of weapons of war and destruction.
(d) Mountains of gold and precious stones.

8. Why does Hellenore set fire to her husband's treasures?
(a) She was told in a dream that setting it on fire would multiply it.
(b) So that she and Paridell can have more time to run away together while he puts out the fire.
(c) She is jealous that Malbecco loves the treasure more than her.
(d) She is trying to get Malbecco to send her away in anger so that she can be with her true love.

9. What is significant about the three upper rooms of the castle?
(a) They are where decisions are made.
(b) They hold ancient and powerful relics.
(c) They are the prison cells of three powerful sorcerers.
(d) They are the bedrooms of three sister queens.

10. How is Orgoglio finally defeated?
(a) Duessa betrays him and stabs him from behind.
(b) The Red Cross Knight pretends to be dead, and then vanquishes Orgoglio when he turns away in vain triumph.
(c) Arthur reveals an extremely bright shield and conquers him.
(d) Sansloy defeats him thinking that it might be Archimago in disguise.

11. Why is Furor beating the young man?
(a) He has mistaken the young man for someone else who disrespected him.
(b) Occasion, his mother, told him to.
(c) The young man stole his horse.
(d) He is trying to get information out of him.

12. Why is Belphoebe in the woods instead of at court?
(a) She was abandoned there by her parents.
(b) She is hiding from someone.
(c) She got lost on her journey and is trying to find her way home.
(d) She prefers wild places to the softness of the court.

13. What does the witch do to calm his son down after Florimell runs away?
(a) She makes a fake magical Florimell with her sorcery.
(b) She puts a sleeping spell on him to calm him down.
(c) She lends him a magical horse and sends him on a quest to find her.
(d) She finds another woman for him to woo.

14. Who does Britomart defeat without recognizing?
(a) Blandamour.
(b) Artegall.
(c) The Red Cross Knight.
(d) Braggadochio.

15. Who is the first person to ever defeat Guyon in a fight?
(a) Britomart.
(b) The Red Cross Knight.
(c) Una.
(d) Arthur.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the beast do when he fails to capture and kill Florimell after she jumps into the fisherman's boat?

2. What did Britomart see in the magic mirror that Merlin showed her?

3. How did Braggadochio come across his horse?

4. Who does Archimago disguise himself as in an attempt to fool Una

5. How does Arthur bribe his way into the castle?

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