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Filip Müller
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was one of Vacek's commands to the lined-up prisoners in the yard of Block 11?
(a) "Forward march!"
(b) "Attention!"
(c) "Caps off!"
(d) "Silence now!"

2. What was Filip ordered to do to the dead bodies in the cremation room?
(a) Strip them of their clothing.
(b) Bury them.
(c) Haul them into a pile.
(d) Check to make sure they were dead.

3. What did the SS men give Filip and the others before they boarded the truck holding the dead?
(a) A treasured cookie.
(b) Orders to be still.
(c) Bread rations.
(d) Lashing with a whip.

4. What was the midday meal for prisoners?
(a) Boiled potatoes.
(b) Sausage.
(c) A thin soup.
(d) Bread and water.

5. Why did Fischl get so upset with the other prisoners while he recited the Kaddish?
(a) He couldn't remember the words.
(b) The others were eating while he prayed.
(c) The others made fun of him.
(d) They talked while he tried to pray.

6. As Filip waited for the return of Vacek and the others, what did he most fear might happen to him?
(a) Being starved.
(b) Being castrated.
(c) Sport in the yard.
(d) Being struck on his bare buttocks.

7. What did the green triangle on the uniform of the block clerk, Vacek, signify?
(a) He was a German soldier.
(b) He was a former Christian who converted to Judaism.
(c) He was Jewish.
(d) He was a former professional criminal.

8. What was the title given to Filip's working party by Stark?
(a) Fischl Team.
(b) Muller People.
(c) Jews.
(d) Auschwitz Army.

9. After the SS men, Aumeier and Grabner, convened as to the viability of the pit they had driven to, what were the prisoners ordered to do?
(a) Go back to the camp.
(b) Throw the corpses into the pit.
(c) Take a short nap.
(d) Dig a bigger pit.

10. Why did Filip assume that a car with its headlamps on was driving behind the truck with the prisoners and the corpses?
(a) To help them at their destination.
(b) To be assured that no corpses fell out of the truck.
(c) To help light the way for the truck.
(d) To make sure the weary prisoners did not escape in the night.

11. What did Filip do to quench his thirst on Sunday afternoon?
(a) Drink from puddles on the ground.
(b) Drink the extra bowl of soup he managed to get.
(c) Sneak outside with his bunkmate.
(d) Steal another prisoner's water.

12. Why did a prisoner approach Schlage as Schlage looked over the ranks of men?
(a) To show him his wounds.
(b) To complain about Vacek's murders.
(c) To beg for mercy.
(d) He asked for more food for the men.

13. What was the inscription on the camp gate?
(a) "Camp Auschwitz."
(b) "Work liberates."
(c) "Work Is Good For the Soul."
(d) "Heil Hitler."

14. Who was SS-Untersturmfuhrer Max Grabner?
(a) Chief of the crematorium operations.
(b) Master of the main camp.
(c) Chief of the Gestapo's political department.
(d) Top sergeant of the SS.

15. Who was Vacek's second victim to be pulled out of the ranks?
(a) A man with thick eyeglasses.
(b) A man whose cap did not fit.
(c) A deaf tailor.
(d) A half-blind singer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Schlage?

2. What was the job of the block clerk?

3. What was the rank of a Rottenfuhrer?

4. Who caught Muller at the cauldron of tea?

5. How long did it take a prisoner's body to burn in the oven?

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