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Filip Müller
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the statement, "he has gone to the wire" refer to?
(a) Someone who dared to climb the barbed-wire fence and fell.
(b) A prisoner who escapes past the wired fence.
(c) A prisoner who was killed by running into the electrified fence.
(d) The birds sitting on the wire fences.

2. What was eventually done with the two groups witnessing and helping with the gassing of prisoners in Chapter 2?
(a) They were further separated into three groups.
(b) They were killed and replaced.
(c) They were put together as a crematorium working party.
(d) They were caught joking about the process.

3. Why did a prisoner approach Schlage as Schlage looked over the ranks of men?
(a) To show him his wounds.
(b) To beg for mercy.
(c) To complain about Vacek's murders.
(d) He asked for more food for the men.

4. Where did Stark bring Maurice and Filip after they were caught stealing tea?
(a) The crematorium.
(b) To see Schlage.
(c) The gulley to drink.
(d) The bunks.

5. What did Vacek force the prisoners to do that he had pulled out of the ranks?
(a) Run, following commands, or get beaten.
(b) 100 push ups.
(c) The work of the other prisoners.
(d) Crawl to the infirmary.

6. Why were the prisoners who were forced to participate in the preparations for the exterminations separated into two groups at first?
(a) To give them intimate knowledge of the methods being used.
(b) To prevent detailed knowledge of the methods being used.
(c) In case some of them died.
(d) To separate men from women.

7. What was the view for the prisoners when they were moved from the dungeon to Cell 13?
(a) The area where executions took place.
(b) The entrace to the women's camp.
(c) A field of grass.
(d) The guard towers.

8. What was the rank of a Rottenfuhrer?
(a) Captain.
(b) Sergeant.
(c) Lance Corporal.
(d) Sergeant Major.

9. What size was the cell that Filip and the others were brought to at the end of their eventful day in Chapter 2?
(a) Eight feet by ten feet.
(b) There was no way to tell.
(c) Three paces long by three paces wide.
(d) As large as the crematorium.

10. What was the name for a prisoner entrusted with special duties by the SS?
(a) Funktionshaftling.
(b) Scharfuhrer.
(c) Kapo.
(d) Oberaufseherin.

11. Why did Fischl get so upset with the other prisoners while he recited the Kaddish?
(a) He couldn't remember the words.
(b) They talked while he tried to pray.
(c) The others made fun of him.
(d) The others were eating while he prayed.

12. Before the SS men poured the deadly gas crystals into the gas chamber, what did they do?
(a) Told the people inside to lie down.
(b) Turned on the truck engines.
(c) Put on gas masks.
(d) Turned the hot water on for the showers.

13. What happened to Filip and the others as they were driven past the town of Auschwitz with the corpses?
(a) They fell off the truck.
(b) They began to have severe panic attacks.
(c) They were pinned down by the corpses' movement.
(d) They were given more bread by the driver.

14. What did Filip do to quench his thirst on Sunday afternoon?
(a) Sneak outside with his bunkmate.
(b) Drink from puddles on the ground.
(c) Drink the extra bowl of soup he managed to get.
(d) Steal another prisoner's water.

15. When hundred of prisoners were beaten and ordered to undress in the yard, what did Fischl do?
(a) Objected.
(b) Cursed.
(c) Cried loudly.
(d) Prayed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Filip imagine might be done to him if they tied his hands behind his back?

2. Who was Fischl?

3. What was the ultimate fate of the prisoners that Vacek pulled out of the ranks?

4. What was the midday meal for prisoners?

5. What was the inscription on the camp gate?

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