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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Dragon Sand?
(a) The name of a castle.
(b) The name of the kingdom.
(c) The name of a drink.
(d) The name of a poison.

2. How does Thomas react when he feels neglected by his father?
(a) He stones a dog to death.
(b) He decides to run away from home.
(c) He tries harder to win his father's approval.
(d) He plans to kill his brother.

3. How does the author describe the first king in The Eyes of the Dragon?
(a) A young and vibrant man who will be an excellent leader.
(b) A very old man who is not expected to live long.
(c) A middle aged man with a large family.
(d) An old man with three sons.

4. After reading Peter's request, the Judge-General agrees. Which of the following best describes his reaction?
(a) He is certain there is nothing unsusal about the request.
(b) He is confused and wants to deliver the items himself.
(c) He desides the request is just an additional sign of guilt.
(d) He is confused, but considers the request harmless.

5. What is Ben's reaction when the Judge-General offers him money?
(a) He accepts it at first, but later returns it.
(b) He refuses to take any for himself.
(c) He refuses because the offer is so low.
(d) He gratefully accepts it.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the note to the Judge-General, Peter makes it seem as though he is doing what?

2. Who discovers the gift and begins to use and enjoy it?

3. Who wants to kill the queen?

4. What is the name of the kingdom in this story?

5. Which of the following is an ironic twist in this story?

Short Essay Questions

1. What character traits are revealed in Peter through the incident with the horse?

2. Why does it seem atypical that as a prisoner Peter would refuse to eat and just spend his time looking out the window?

3. What does Ben's refusal to take money from Anders Peyna say about his character?

4. Describe Thomas as a young boy and tell what makes him feel as he does.

5. How do the people of Delain react when Peter is arrested?

6. Briefly tell what The Eyes of the Dragon is about.

7. How does Flagg frame Peter for the murder of Roland?

8. Why is Ben attacked on his way home from the market and what does he do about it?

9. Why is Roland not concerned that his son wants to play with a dollhouse?

10. What requests does Peter make of Peyna?

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