The Eyes of the Dragon Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Briefly tell what The Eyes of the Dragon is about.

An old king who does not have long to live has two sons. One will be king, but there is another character in the story who does not want the rightful heir to become king. The story is about how he tries to prevent Peter from becoming king.

2. Who is more popular with the people, Roland or Sasha? Why?

Sasha is more popular with the people because she wants to do things to improve the kingdom and she is kind and generous. While Roland is also kind, he does not know much about being king and he allows other people to influence him.

3. What is most important to Sasha about Peter's upbringing?

Sasha encourages Peter to always use a napkin with his meal so he will appear to have better manners and be more refined than his father or other people in the kingdom.

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