Objects & Places from Eyes of Prey

John Sandford
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Cigarette Case

Michael Bekker carries this item that is filled with an assortment of pills.

Heavy Bottle

Stephanie Bekker uses this item as a decorative object.


Bekker uses this object to kill Elizabeth Armistead.


Bekker uses this item to take out George's eyes after his death.

Answering Machine

Bekker uses this item in a colleague's office to communicate with Druze.


Bekker is obsessed with this part of his victims.

Tire Store Receipt

Lucas writes down clues to Loverboy's identity on the back of this item.

Note from Loverboy

The police receive this item describing what happened the night Stephanie Bekker was murdered.

Cyclops Painting

Loverboy sends a picture of this to the police.

Theater Tickets

Bekker gives Lucas these objects to imply that Stephanie was dating someone in the theater.

George's Car

Druze damages this item to make George vulnerable to attack.


Lucas drives...

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