Daily Lessons for Teaching Eyes of Prey

John Sandford
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Lucas Davenport is the main character in the story. Studying Davenport's character will give the reader an inside view of the way the detective thinks and works, why he is often considered to be a rogue cop, and how he achieves results in his murder cases.


1. Learn about Lucas Davenport to better understand the story and the methods that the detective uses to catch criminals. Lucas Davenport has a reputation as a hard-nosed Minneapolis cop who has been involved in many arrests as well as killings over the years. Examine how Davenport's reputation precedes him and how others viewed him before the case began. Write a detailed biography of Davenport. Include the killings and the circumstances behind them. Also include the unusual ways in which Davenport approaches police work. How does Davenport get along with his co-workers and superiors?

2. Discuss Davenport's current state of mind...

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