Eyes of Prey Character Descriptions

John Sandford
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Lucas Davenport

This character is a detective with the Minneapolis Police Department.

Cassie Lasch

This character is an actress in the same community theater to which Carlo Druze belongs.

Carlo Druze

This character is an actor that is badly scarred.

Michael Bekker

This character is a pathologist who works for the local university.

Stephanie Bekker

This character is Michael Bekker's wife.

Philip George

This character is a law professor.


This character is a cop who works with Lucas at the police department.


This character is a narcotics officer who often indulges in the same drugs he is supposed to be getting off the streets.


This is the nickname the cops use to discuss Stephanie Bekker's lover.

Jennifer Snow

This character is a reporter with whom Lucas has had a long term relationship.

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