Eyes of Prey Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Sandford
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Chapter 1

• Reader meets Lucas Davenport.

• Davenport is a cop and the main character of the story.

• Davenport is in the throes of depression.

• Reader meets Carlo Druze.

• Druze lets himself into the Bekker house.

• Druze has been hired to kill Stephanie Bekker.
• Bekker is in the kitchen; her lover is upstairs.

• Druze attacks Bekker.

• Michael Bekker has hired Druze.

• The bottle used to attack Stephanie breaks.

• Druze carves out Stephanie's eyes.
• Stephanie's lover comes downstairs.

• The lover flees.

• Druze leaves the house.

• The lover covers his tracks and leaves the house.

• Stephanie Bekker is still alive.

• The lover calls 911.

• Stephanie dies just as the paramedics arrive.

Chapters 2-3

• Lucas and Del wait for a pimp.

• Lucas wants to arrest the pimp for cutting a snitch.

• Del tells Lucas about the murder of Stephanie Bekker, his cousin.

• Del asks Lucas to look into the case.

• The pimp pulls a...

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