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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long has Hope been in contact with the dead?
(a) Since he was born.
(b) Since he was twelve.
(c) Since he was fifteen.
(d) Since last week.

2. How does Hope compromise on the budget issue to avoid the negative effects of every solution he sees?
(a) He allows Stonebridge to raise taxes.
(b) He allows Stonebridge to take donations.
(c) He allows Stonebridge to dismantle the military.
(d) He allows Stonebridge to institute a gold standard.

3. Why does Hope hold a press conference while secretly trying to destroy the Saturnine ship?
(a) To gain some positive publicity.
(b) To establish the freedom of speech on Jupiter.
(c) To serve as an alibi when he is accused of destroying the Saturnine ship.
(d) To reassure the people about the transition.

4. What does Columnist Thorley say about hope's reign?
(a) He calls it a farce.
(b) He calls it a democracy.
(c) He calls it a socialist regime.
(d) He calls it a tyrancy.

5. What advice does Spirit give Hope about Congress?
(a) He needs Congress, so he should just leave well enough alone.
(b) He should abolish Congress all together.
(c) He can appoint new people to represent the people, instead of having them elected.
(d) He should have people elected to represent the people, instead of appointing them.

6. What is the purpose of the preface?
(a) It sets the mood of the story by showing one of Hope's nightmares.
(b) It foreshadows the events to come, but doesn't focus on any of the main characters.
(c) It summarizes the career of Hope Hubris.
(d) It provides vital background information for all of the characters.

7. Who assigns Hope the job of Tyrant?
(a) The great galactic head.
(b) The former Tyrant.
(c) The Constitutional Convention.
(d) The Jupiter Parliment.

8. How does Hope discover the presence of technicians trained in experimental mind control on the ship?
(a) Columnist Thorley.
(b) The premier of Ganymede.
(c) An anonymous tip.
(d) A defector from the Saturnine Navy.

9. Why does Hope call in Emerald?
(a) To help appoint people to government jobs.
(b) To hold a strategy meeting.
(c) To get his opinions about war.
(d) To answer to the charges of treason.

10. Who is Hope Hubris?
(a) The President of the United States of America.
(b) The Tyrant of the United States of North Jupiter.
(c) The leader of an animal rights group.
(d) A used car salesman.

11. What does Hope do when Megan phones him during the Ganymede crisis?
(a) He confesses his love to her.
(b) He tells her that he only pretended to invade Ganymede as a ploy to get troops in place to defend against Saturn.
(c) He breaks the connection, refusing to talk to her.
(d) He has an emotional breakdown.

12. Who is Retired Admiral Mondy?
(a) Leader of the Ganymede Navy.
(b) Emerald's husband.
(c) One of Hope's former advisers.
(d) Leader of the Saturn Navy.

13. How does Hope show that he will ensure the freedom of speech for his people?
(a) He allows the people to speak out agaisnt the government.
(b) He writes it into his new constitution.
(c) He institutes a planet wide comment and complaint system for the people.
(d) He allows a journalist to insult him without punishing him for it.

14. Where does President Tocsin live?
(a) White Bubble.
(b) Blue Bubble.
(c) Green Bubble.
(d) Black Bubble.

15. How does Hope manage to finally get troops on Ganymede?
(a) He pretends to attack the base at Tanamo, but the lasers are really set on stun so that none of the Ganymede troops will be killed.
(b) He attacks the base at Tanamo and takes it over.
(c) He offers his troops to the premier of Ganymede as support during the war.
(d) He sends troops disguised as civilians on vacation.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Hopie feel about education?

2. Whom does Shelia help Hope contact?

3. How does Tocsin feel about Hope?

4. Why does President Tocsin try to undermine the agreement between Ganymede and Saturn?

5. Why does Senator Stonebridge tell Hope that he should impose steeper taxes?

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