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1. What claims are made in the Preface?

The preface claims that this story is a journal of the reign of Hope Hubris as Tyrant of Jupiter, as opposed to a work of fiction. It also claims that the narrator is actually an editor with the initials HMH, but not Hope Hubris himself. The story will shed some light on the misunderstood events during Hope's reign.

2. What purpose does the Preface serve in to this story?

It sets the scene as an accurate retelling of events by someone who witnessed them first hand. It also provides some distance between the author and the story by substituting another "author" in his place. It also provides useful background information about the characters.

3. Describe the women in Hope's life.

There are several women in Hope's life who are very understanding and supportive of him. Some of them even allow him to make love to them while pretending that they are actually his long dead lover. Without his sister, Hope would have been disqualified for a technicality. The women in Hope's life seem to do more of the work than Hope does himself, and he seems happy to rely on them. They also seem happy to allow him to rely on them.

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