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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hope learn from Spirit's morning briefs in Chapter 4?
(a) Spirit has commited treason.
(b) Ganymede plans to secede from the Union.
(c) Saturn plans to conquer Ganymede.
(d) Hopie is not really his daughter.

2. How is Hope given the opportunity to work his way up the ladder in his employment?
(a) He must design and lead the construction on at least one Navy Cruiser.
(b) He must prove himself in the iron works before becoming a foreman.
(c) He must start in customer service before moving up to management.
(d) He is given a space ship and sent out to prospect for new bubbles.

3. How do the people react to the population control reform?
(a) They riot.
(b) They find their own water source.
(c) They comply.
(d) They overthrow the government.

4. According to Amber, why is Hopie unhappy?
(a) She blames herself for her parents splitting up.
(b) She doesn't love Thorley anymore.
(c) She is worried about Hope.
(d) She is unhappy in her career.

5. Who are Hope's mistresses?
(a) Spirit, Hopie, and Amber.
(b) Ebony, Coral, and Shelia.
(c) Amber, Ebony, and Coral.
(d) Spirit, Hopie, and Shelia.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Spirit and Hope feel that getting him involved in industry for a while will be good for him?

2. Who has always taken care of Hope Hubris's finances?

3. Where does Hope take a job?

4. How does Hope get rid of Tocsin?

5. What does Mondy say about being a leader?

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