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Lesson 1 (from Preface and Chapter 1)


Preface and Chapter 1

The Preface to Executive sets the scene for this book as a journal and accurate accounting of actual events, as opposed to a work of fiction. This lesson will focus on the use of this method in literature.


1) Class Lecture: Explain how this method of delivery is used in this book, as well as how it is used in other stories.

2) Class Discussion: Ask the class why the author might have chosen this method.

3) Class Writing: Have each student write a brief paragraph explaining whether they feel that this is an effective method of delivery for this story or not. Have them explain their opinions.

4) Homework: This story is set up as a journal following Hope Hubris's career as Tyrant. Have each student write a journal entry telling about anytime that they've kept a journal that followed certain events or people. If...

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