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Creative Writing

Have each student "invent" a couple of new technologies that will help solve some of the problems that still exist in Hope's world.

Have students use an online resource to build a crossword puzzle. The clues should lead to filling in the gaps with people, places, or things from Executive.

Ghost Stories

Hope has been seeing the dead for years. Have the students tell their own ghost stories. If they don't have any, encourage them to make some up!

Off With His Head!

Throughout history, there have been many bloody revolutions. This one isn't so bad! Have students chose a person, place, or thing from Executive and play Executive Hangman.


Have students prepare campaign materials for Hope's election campaign on Jupiter. Banners, brochures, slogans, and logos are all great ideas.

Alternate Ending

Have students rewrite the ending of the story as they think...

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