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Essay Topic 1

How does Hope choose to deal with President Tocsin? What does Hope accomplish by doing this?

Essay Topic 2

Briefly describe Hope's relationships with Megan, Amber, Shelia, Ebony, and Hopie.

Essay Topic 3

Megan takes over Jupiter after Hope abdicates. What form of government does Megan bring? Would her government work without Hope's Tyrancy paving the way? Explain your opinion.

Essay Topic 4

Why does Hope hesitate to institute a policy to fix the economy? What are some of Stonebridge's suggestions? Why does Hope not want to implement Stonebridge's suggestions?

Essay Topic 5

Describe the process by which Hope became the Tyrant. Who appointed him? Who helped him?

Essay Topic 6

Hope claims in the story that he doesn't love anyone, and Rue Phist claims that he only loved two women. How does Hope react to Shelia's death? What are the long term effects of Shelia's death on Hope? How does...

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