Executive Character Descriptions

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Hope Hubris

This confident, powerful tyrant of North Jupiter takes on an alter ego to work with and lead the people of the bubble company.

Spirit Hubris

This character is the tyrant's trusted adviser who helps him to take power by circumventing the electoral process.


This character is given to the tyrant as a gift.


This character is the tyrant's daughter who later becomes the Education Minister.


This wheelchair bound character has been the tyrant's secretary for about fifteen years.


This character was a childhood lover of the tyrant, who died at age fifteen.

Senator Stonebridge

This character is the main economic expert whom the tyrant consults for advice on the budget.

President Tocsin

This character preceded the tyrant as leader of North Jupiter.

Columnist Thorley

This character is a severe critic of the tyrant.


The tyrant of North Jupiter hopes to follow...

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