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Preface and Chapter 1

• The Preface sets the scene for the story.

• The preface summarizes Hope's reign as Tyrant.
• Hope has just been assigned Tyrant of Jupiter.

• Hope's bubble is attacked by a Saturnine ship.

• Hope makes love to Shelia, but imagines that she is his dead lover.

Chapter 2

• Hope admits that he doesn't have a plan to fix the economy.

• Hope admits that he lets the women in his life run pretty much everything.

• Emerald reveals that there is rebellion in some sectors, and unrest in others.
• Hope reveals that he has the power to communicate with the dead.

• Hope communicates with the dead Lieutenant Repro for advice on the economy.

• Hope first discovered his ability when he was trapped in space in a bubble and his dead father appeared and showed him how to survive.
• Hope returns from his commune with Repro to find that things are...

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