Excalibur: A Novel of Arthur Character Descriptions

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This person, a faithful warlord early in life, is a scribe living in a small cell in a Christian monastery.


The spouse and closest friend betray this character, who eventually comes to forgive the spouse.


This person creates the plan to push a burning cart of weapons down a hill to break the Saxon defense line.


This character comes under a horrible Druidic curse and almost dies of it before the person's spouse finds a way to cure her.


This person does not hesitate in creating false illusions and stagecraft-type magic to achieve objectives.


This person overcomes a Druid priest and extracts all the magic from the priest except for one last enchantment.


This person hanged like a common criminal after betraying his country.

Amhar and Loholt

These are illegitimate sons of the King.


This person is sacrificed to the...

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