Objects & Places from Evita: The Real Life of Eva Peron

Nicholas Fraser
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This is the country of concern in the book.


This city is Evita's hometown.

Buenos Aires

This is the largest city in Argentina, the location of the central government and Evita's home from the time she was fifteen until her death at thirty-three.

Evita's Tomb

When Evita died, one of these was built for her so that the public could visit, but her body was eventually removed from it.

Evita's Body

This item was embalmed so that it could be publicly displayed; however, the regime following Peron had it removed and it seemed to have been lost for years afterward until it was finally buried in a cemetery for persons of importance in Argentina.


This is a totalitarian philosophy that attempts to merge the state and the economy and eschews limits on government power.

The Argentine Welfare State

Evita was instrumental in the creation...

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