Evita: The Real Life of Eva Peron Fun Activities

Nicholas Fraser
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Watch the Movie of Evita

Have students watch the movie that was made of the musical, Evita and talk about the differences between the movie and the book.

A Poster for Evita

As was the case in the past, many posters were placed around Argentina for Evita. Have students make one that celebrates her.

Peron's Resume

Have students create a resume for Peron, listing all of his accomplishments.

Madonna vs. Evita

Have students look at the lives of Madonna and Evita to see how they compare.

Organizing a Demonstration

Have students try to find out what it would take to organize a demonstration against the government in their local area.

The Map of Eva's Europe Trip

Have students create a map that shows how Eva progressed through Europe when she went there.

The Truth about Uterine Cancer

Have students look up the symptoms and the current treatments for...

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