Evita: The Real Life of Eva Peron Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nicholas Fraser
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Chapter 1, The House of Doña Juana

• Eva Duarte was born in the city of Los Toldos, outside of Buenos Aries.

• Eva's father left his farm and went back to his first family, leaving Juana, Eva's mother, impoverished.

• When Eva was six, her father was killed in a car accident.

• Eva's classmates were told not to talk to her due to social disapproval of her mother.

• Eva fantasized about living in other places.

• Eva wanted to become an actress when she grew up.

• Eva moved to Buenos Aires when she was 15, living on her own.

Chapter 2, Buenos Aires

• Buenos Aires was a city of many classes.

• 19th century liberalism was heralded in Buenos Aires.

• Eva got a job as a maid with a comedy company.

• Eva began to get a number of acting jobs, though she was not famous.

Chapter 3, The Colonel and the Actress

• The Conservatives fraudulently...

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