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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sin are some priests said to have committed?
(a) Theft
(b) Perjury
(c) All of the above
(d) Lechery

2. What does Death say no man can do to him?
(a) Stop him
(b) Scare him
(c) All of the above
(d) Buy him

3. How does Everyman feel about Good Deeds speaking for him?
(a) Grateful
(b) Relieved
(c) Unworthy
(d) Annoyed

4. How is love of money described in this play?
(a) Fleeting
(b) Dangerous
(c) Stalwart
(d) All consuming

5. How does Everyman feel when he finishes his sacraments?
(a) Exhausted
(b) Worried
(c) Wary
(d) Excited

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Five Wits tell Everyman to trust?

2. What is the first Sacrament?

3. How many Sacraments are there?

4. What does Death tell Everyman when he is asked to do something after the reckoning?

5. What does Everyman ask Death to do after his reckoning?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Kindred not able to do what Everyman asked of him?

2. How does Death feel about Everyman when they first meet?

3. What are the seven Sacraments?

4. What caused the change in the world according to this play?

5. How is Everyman described when we first meet him in the play?

6. How does Good Deeds change in appearance through this play?

7. Why is Goods not able to do what Everyman asked of him?

8. Why does Death say Everyman must die?

9. What do most people think about most in life, according to this play?

10. What is ironic about Everyman praying to God to escape Death?

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