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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How concerned is Everyman about death?
(a) Very much
(b) Not at all
(c) He doesn’t know he should be concerned
(d) He thinks of little else

2. Who is Everyman symbolic of?
(a) Royalty
(b) Church members
(c) Common men
(d) All men on Earth

3. What does Knowledge offer to do for Everyman?
(a) Distract Death
(b) Give him a lecture
(c) Guide him on his journey
(d) Give him money

4. What does Confession warn Everyman of?
(a) Good Deeds might fail him
(b) He is still being tempted
(c) Death hates him
(d) The journey will be hard

5. What kind of play is this?
(a) Melodramatic Play
(b) Religious Play
(c) Rhyming Play
(d) Morality Play

6. Which of these is NOT one of the Sacraments?
(a) Baptism
(b) Marriage
(c) The Blood and the Flesh
(d) Cleansing and Anointing

7. How does Everyman feel when Fellowship says he would die for Everyman?
(a) He doesn’t believe him
(b) He offers to do the same for him
(c) He feels lucky to have such a friend
(d) He is angry

8. What does the messenger say happens to things of the world that make us happy?
(a) They fade
(b) They take away from God
(c) They turn to sin
(d) They make life worth living

9. When does Everyman say he will call on his new friends?
(a) When he is weakened
(b) When Death returns
(c) When he needs them
(d) At the reckoning

10. Who officiates in Holy Sacraments?
(a) Angels
(b) Bishops
(c) Righteous men
(d) Priests

11. How does Everyman feel when the first of his friends leaves him when he is ready for his reckoning?
(a) Worried
(b) Relieved
(c) Betrayed
(d) Angry

12. Why is Adam important in this play?
(a) He made the original sin
(b) He is the father of all mankind
(c) He bargained with the Devil
(d) He knew God

13. Why is Everyman told he is wrong about the priests being above someone?
(a) They are mortal
(b) They are deceived
(c) They are limited
(d) They are not perfect

14. What do the Sacraments allow men to do?
(a) Renew their lives
(b) All of these
(c) Ask forgiveness for their sins
(d) Pray to God more sincerely

15. What keeps Everyman from fully trusting others?
(a) He thinks everyone might be like him
(b) He knows they are mortal
(c) His friends keep leaving him
(d) He hasn’t known very many good people

Short Answer Questions

1. What must men have knowledge of to get into Heaven?

2. How does Everyman feel when he begins his journey?

3. What does this play teach about reincarnation?

4. Where can Goods help Everyman?

5. Who created Adam?

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