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1. What kind of play is this, and what does this genre entail?

This play is a morality play. This genre is usually a play that sends a religious and moral message, and most center exclusively around the Atonement and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

2. Why was this play written?

This play was written by somebody who was unhappy with the amount of sin they saw happening in society, and wanted a symbolic way to show others why it was so dangerous to live their lives in that way.

3. Where would this play have been performed and why?

Most plays of this nature would have been performed on the streets or in the market places because this would have been the best way to get the attention of the common people who most needed these messages.

4. What does this play reveal about the status of society at this time in history?

This play shows us that there were some very immoral things happening that were disconcerting to many people who were in the position to notice and to try to turn the hearts of these sinners and save their souls. This shows that there were people living on the two extremes of the religious spectrum.

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