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Part One: Chapters 1-10 (pg 1 - 29)

• Sissy Hankshaw would be just another ordinary girl if it was not for her large, distracting thumbs.

• Sissy's earliest memory is that of her uncle and father complaining about her thumbs when she was only three or four.

• Sissy's uncle insists that if Sissy were a boy, she would make an excellent hitchhiker; so, while the other kids played hop scotch, Sissy hitchhiked.
• While Richmond, Virginia is not a populous city, Sissy ran into many "characters" by hitchhiking.

• Sissy only has one rule: As long as the car continues forward, the driver can do whatever they wish to Sissy.

• Sissy is brought to a plastic surgeon named Dr Dreyfus by her parents, who confirms that Sissy's thumbs are perfect except for their size.

• Sissy's mother is not satisfied with the doctor's diagnosis, so she decides to take Sissy to see a fortune...

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