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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While stopping in Agua Santa as they prepare for the prison breakout, what does Eva learn about Riad?
(a) He has moved back to Turkey.
(b) He is remarried.
(c) He is ill in the hospital.
(d) He is dead.

2. For what are the people revolting in Chapter 7?
(a) The return of the monarchy.
(b) Democracy.
(c) Healthcare.
(d) Better benefits.

3. Who invites Eva to live with them in the capital city?
(a) Patrona.
(b) Melesio.
(c) Elvira.
(d) Huberto.

4. What is Madrina's mental/physical state when Eva finds her in Chapter 9?
(a) She is deaf and mute.
(b) She is sick but positive.
(c) She is active and happy.
(d) She is almost insane.

5. What does Riad suggest Eva do so that she can take care of herself someday?
(a) Go find herself a husband.
(b) Consider becoming a school teacher.
(c) Take courses to be a secretary.
(d) Start writing a book.

Short Answer Questions

1. How has Mimi's life changed in Chapter 9?

2. What does Eva intend to do with the jewels she has recovered in Agua Santa?

3. Who detains Rolf in the capital at the end of the book?

4. What is the name of the woman Eva meets in the church in Chapter 8?

5. What does Huberto do in the city after he first joins the guerrillas?

Short Essay Questions

1. How has life changed for Melesio in Chapter 9?

2. How do Riad and Eva handle Zulema after Kamal's departure?

3. How does the novel resolve the many story lines and questions?

4. What revelations does Eva come to about Huberto that temporarily leave her angry with him?

5. How does the political unrest affect Eva and Santa Agua?

6. What changes has Rolf gone through by Chapter 7?

7. Overall, how would you say Eva has handled her misfortunes in life?

8. What is Mimi's experience with Colonel Rodriquez?

9. What type of relationship do Huberto and Eva have in Chapter 9?

10. What is Eva's relationship with Rolf like at the close of the story?

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