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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Consuelo tell her daughter about death?
(a) That she will meet the dead again someday.
(b) The one who dies goes to heaven.
(c) There is no death as long as one is remembered.
(d) Death is like life but invisible.

2. Why does Frau Carle give up on religion?
(a) Because Lukas believes in God and he is evil.
(b) Because she does not think God would not allow her children to live with a monster like Lukas.
(c) Because her prayers that Lukas would die were not answered.
(d) Because she is an atheist.

3. How is Eva treated by the patrona's cook?
(a) Like a slave.
(b) As if she does not exist.
(c) Like a granddaughter.
(d) Like an animal.

4. How do the missionaries treat Consuelo?
(a) They always belittle her.
(b) They spoil her.
(c) They treat her like a slave.
(d) They ignore her for the most part.

5. How does Rolf meet Senor Aravena?
(a) He is Rupert's neighbor.
(b) He wants to marry one of his cousins.
(c) He runs into him at a store.
(d) He is a guest at the inn.

6. What is the country's leader called?
(a) El Benefactor.
(b) El Jefe.
(c) El Presidente.
(d) El Diablo.

7. What type of message does it send to Rolf when his brother stands up to his father?
(a) Don't stand up for anyone but yourself.
(b) To be a man you should beat up people.
(c) Not all parents should be respected.
(d) Weak can overcome if they have courage.

8. How does Rolf respond when some of his classmates start wearing patches on their uniforms to remember the death of Lukas?
(a) He is grateful.
(b) He is proud.
(c) He becomes despondent and cannot eat.
(d) He is angry and attacks them.

9. What one word best describes Lukas Carle?
(a) Quiet.
(b) Kind.
(c) Horrible.
(d) Generous.

10. What is Riad Halabi's nickname?
(a) The Turk.
(b) El Senor.
(c) Jefe.
(d) Boss.

11. What does Huberto ask La Senora to do for Eva?
(a) Teach her English.
(b) Teach her lace-making.
(c) Teach her to read.
(d) Help her learn to sew.

12. What relation is Kamal to Riad?
(a) His uncle.
(b) His cousin.
(c) His nephew.
(d) His brother.

13. How long does Eva work for the Cabinet member before she cannot handle it anymore?
(a) Three days.
(b) Four weeks.
(c) Two weeks.
(d) Five days.

14. What inappropriate act does the patron make Eva do for him?
(a) Bathe and dress him.
(b) Give him massages.
(c) Wash his underwear.
(d) Brush his teeth.

15. Why is Ines' son shot in Chapter 6?
(a) He attacked a policeman.
(b) He was a guerrilla soldier.
(c) He tried to break into a store.
(d) He stole a mango.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Ines' profession?

2. What does the priest do to the Professor's estate when the Professor dies?

3. Why does Kamal come to live with Riad?

4. Who is Consuelo?

5. What profession does Lukas Carle have before the war?

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