Eva Luna Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is Consuelo's time at the convent like prior to living with the Professor?

Prior to living with the Professor, Consuelo lives at a convent where she is without a lot of freedom. Consuelo's time at the convent teaches her the value of hard work but also teaches her to draw on her own inner strength.

2. What is the relationship between Professor Jones and Consuelo like?

Professor Jones and Consuelo have a close relationship, as can be seen in the fact that Consuelo is the only person whom the Professor trusts with his secret embalming formula. Although Consuelo works for the Professor, their relationship is more like family.

3. What role does the Indian play in Consuelo's young life?

Consuelo nurses the Indian back to health after a snake bite. She decides to make love with the Indian, choosing for the first time to pursue pleasure, and gets pregnant as a result of her sexual experience with the Indian.

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