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Chapter One

• As an infant, Consuelo is found in the jungle by missionaries.

• Consuelo moves from the missionaries' compound to a convent and eventually to the home of Professor Jones.
• At Professor Jones' home Consuelo meets a gardener whom she nurses back to health from a dangerous snake bite.

• Consuelo makes love with the gardener and gets pregnant.
• The gardener leaves Consuelo while she is pregnant.

• Consuelo has a baby girl whom she names Eva.

Chapter Two

• Rolf Carle is the youngest of three children born to Lukas and Frau Carle.

• Lukas Carle is a horrible man who mistreats and torments his wife and children.
• Lukas goes to fight in the war and the family enjoys a time of peace while he is gone.

• Lukas comes back from the war and is charged as a deserter and sentenced to six months in prison.
• When Lukas returns from prison...

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