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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has called a truce to attempt to make peace in The Phoenician Women?
(a) Polyneices.
(b) Oedipus.
(c) Jocasta.
(d) Antigone.

2. Who does Electra ask to hide the body of Aegisthus?
(a) Orestes.
(b) The farmer.
(c) Pylades.
(d) The chorus.

3. Who has Agamemnon brought back as a concubine from the war?
(a) Clytemnestra.
(b) Cassandra.
(c) Antigone.
(d) Iphegenia.

4. Who married Electra to her current husband?
(a) Aegisthus.
(b) Agamemnon.
(c) Pylades.
(d) Orestes.

5. Who does Orestes say must be repaid for his kindness?
(a) The old man.
(b) The farmer.
(c) Electra.
(d) Aegisthus.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Orestes returns in the end of Electra, what does he offer his sister to do with what she pleases?

2. Who does Aegisthus beg to protect him and destroy his enemies?

3. What does Electra's husband say that it's improper for Electra to do?

4. Who invites the messengers into the cottage?

5. Who does Electra say would recognize her brother if he saw him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Orestes comment on about riches regarding the farmer? What prompts this?

2. Who delivers the final judgment in Electra? What is it?

3. What does the chorus sing of once Orestes and Electra exit in Part Two of Electra?

4. What does Orestes say of Electra's husband (as he pretends to be the messenger)?

5. What does Electra do when she first sees Orestes?

6. Describe briefly the theme of fate in The Phoenician Women.

7. Why and with whom has Orestes returned to Argos? Where do we first find him in the play Electra?

8. Who are the Phoenician Women? What are their feelings in the play?

9. How is the death of Aegisthus revealed? What effect does this have on the audience?

10. What of Electra's demeanor in Part Three builds the tension of the play? What does she feel when she hears word from the messenger?

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