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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Orestes tells Electra that he's having second thoughts about killing whom?
(a) Iphegenia.
(b) Clytemnestra.
(c) Agamemnon.
(d) Aegisthus.

2. By what is Orestes recognized?
(a) His eyes.
(b) A scar.
(c) His mouth.
(d) A freckle.

3. Who is Agamemnon's son?
(a) Dioscuri.
(b) Pylades.
(c) Oedipus.
(d) Orestes.

4. Whose servant arrives with food for Electra and her guests?
(a) Clytemnestra's.
(b) Orestes'.
(c) Aegisthus'.
(d) Agamemnon's.

5. What does Electra chide her husband for after the messenger has appeared?
(a) Not feeding her.
(b) Raping her.
(c) Abusing her.
(d) Mistrusting her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Orestes pretend to be when he meets his sister?

2. Who does the chorus sing of, that went with Agamemnon to war?

3. Whose marriage in Electra has NOT been consummated?

4. In The Phoenician Women, who has been living in Argos and marries a woman there?

5. For what does Aegisthus offer Orestes party water?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Electra tell the messenger (Orestes) to relay to him about returning?

2. In Etecleocle's scene with Creon, how does he seal the fate of the play?

3. What does Orestes comment on about riches regarding the farmer? What prompts this?

4. Who is the character of Teiresias? Describe this character.

5. Who is the superior military strategist between Eteocles and Creon? Why?

6. What does Eteocles initially tell Creon in their meeting?

7. How does Electra compare her situation to her mother's in part one of Electra, when speaking to the messenger (Orestes)?

8. What of Electra's demeanor in Part Three builds the tension of the play? What does she feel when she hears word from the messenger?

9. How is the death of Aegisthus revealed? What effect does this have on the audience?

10. The end of the Electra reveals the author's (and likely the society's) point of view. What is it?

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