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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To whose daughter is Polyneices married?
(a) Adrastus.
(b) Electra.
(c) Antigone.
(d) Artemis.

2. Polyneices, with his last breath, begs for what?
(a) For his wife to be queen.
(b) To be buried in Argos.
(c) To be buried in Athens.
(d) To be buried in Thebes.

3. What is the notable structure seen in the setting of The Bacchae?
(a) A smoking tomb.
(b) Dionysus' altar.
(c) Apollo's altar.
(d) A statue.

4. After the battle in The Phoenician Women, who enters, crying for his son's death?
(a) Teiresius.
(b) Creon.
(c) Oedipus.
(d) Jocasta.

5. Who calls Dionysus the greatest god, after hearing of the wild women in The Bacchae?
(a) Pentheus.
(b) Corphaeus.
(c) Agave.
(d) Artemis.

6. When the wild women scratch at the ground, what appears, in The Bacchae?
(a) Water and fire.
(b) Milk and honey.
(c) Fire.
(d) Locusts.

7. Who is the current ruler of Thebes in The Bacchae?
(a) Cadmus.
(b) Creon.
(c) Oedipus.
(d) Pentheus.

8. Dionysus is the god of ____ and fertility.
(a) Wine.
(b) War.
(c) Lightning.
(d) Evil.

9. What is reported that the women tore apart with bare hands in The Bacchae?
(a) The cattle.
(b) The lambs.
(c) The trees.
(d) The fortress.

10. Whose death does the chorus sing of in the beginning of The Bacchae?
(a) Agave's.
(b) Semele's.
(c) Oedipus'.
(d) Dionysus'.

11. What natural disaster does Dionysus call forth in The Bacchae?
(a) An earthquake.
(b) A tsunami.
(c) A hurricane.
(d) A volcano.

12. To whom is Antigone planned to wed?
(a) Thesius.
(b) Haemon.
(c) Polyneices.
(d) Menoeceus.

13. Who makes up the chorus in The Bacchae?
(a) The Trojan Bacchae.
(b) The Armenian Bacchae.
(c) The Asian Bacchae.
(d) The Argive Bacchae.

14. Who is now preparing for a battle to the death, according to the messenger after the battle in The Phoenician Women?
(a) Teiresius and Polyneices.
(b) Creon and Tydeus.
(c) Tydeus and Eteocles.
(d) Polyneices and Eteocles.

15. Whose army is chased away at the end of the battle in The Phoenician Women?
(a) Trojan.
(b) Argive.
(c) Hellenian.
(d) Thebian.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who attacks with spears, but is fought off by the Thebian army in The Phoenician Women?

2. Who comes to tell Pentheus of the women performing miracles on the mountain?

3. Who does Polyneices pray to for victory in the duel?

4. Instead of Dionysus, what is in the stable that is to be Dionysus' prison?

5. Eteocles decrees anyone who buries his brother in Thebes be what?

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