Objects & Places from Euripides V

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Argos (from Electra)

This is the land that Agamemnon once ruled.

The Farmer's Cottage (from Electra)

The action of Electra takes place here.

The Butchering Knife (from Electra)

Orestes uses this to kill Aegisthus.

The Bull's Intestines (from Electra)

Aegisthus looks at this to see a prediction of the future.

Thebes (from The Phoenician Women)

This is the land once ruled by Oedipus.

The Seven Gates of Thebes (from The Phoenician Women)

This surrounds the city of Thebes.

Sown Men (from The Phoenician Women)

These were created by Cadmus, the founder of Thebes, by planting the teeth of a dragon he defeated.

Semele's Tomb (from The Bacchae)

This is prominent on the set of The Bacchae as a reminder of Dionysus' mother.

Cithaeron (from The Bacchae)

This is where Dionysus sends the women of Thebes; it is also where they murder Pentheus.

Wands/Thyrsus (from The Bacchae)


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