Objects & Places from Euripides V

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Argos (from Electra) - This is the land that Agamemnon once ruled.

The Farmer's Cottage (from Electra) - The action of Electra takes place here.

The Butchering Knife (from Electra) - Orestes uses this to kill Aegisthus.

The Bull's Intestines (from Electra) - Aegisthus looks at this to see a prediction of the future.

Thebes (from The Phoenician Women) - This is the land once ruled by Oedipus.

The Seven Gates of Thebes (from The Phoenician Women) - This surrounds the city of Thebes.

Sown Men (from The Phoenician Women) - These were created by Cadmus, the founder of Thebes, by planting the teeth of a dragon he defeated.

Semele's Tomb (from The Bacchae) - This is prominent on the set of The Bacchae as a reminder of Dionysus' mother.

Cithaeron (from The Bacchae) - This is where Dionysus sends the women of Thebes; it is also...

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