Euripides V Character Descriptions

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Electra (from Electra)

This character's mother and her lover killed her father after he returned from war. This character was then married to an impoverished farmer in the hope that she would not avenge her father's murder.

Orestes (from Electra)

After his mother and her lover killed his father, this character escaped murder and hid in exile. He returns as an adult to avenge his father's death.

Antigone (from The Phoenician Women)

This character argues with the ruler of Thebes for her brother's burial, which the ruler has refused.

Polyneices (from The Phoenician Women)

This is one of two brothers who took over the rule of Thebes once their father realized he had married his mother and killed his father. This character left the kingdom for a year, but when he returned his brother refused to give up the throne and banished him into permanent exile.

Eteocles (from The Phoenician Women)

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