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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the narrator say is the best person to depend on for love and trust?

2. What does the narrator find charming in women?

3. What could be found in Eugene Onegin's private rooms?

4. What does Olga think of Vladimir Lensky's poetry about her?

5. What reason does the narrator give for detailing how differently he and Eugene Onegin feel about the country?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the activities of a typical day in the life of Eugene Onegin.

2. How does Eugene get along with his neighbors in the country?

3. How does Eugene Onegin respond when Vladimir Lensky invites him to come with him to Tatyana's name day celebration? What changes his mind?

4. What chastisement does Eugene Onegin give Tatyana at the end of his response to her letter?

5. In chapter one the narrator is briefly a character in his own story. What interaction does the narrator have with Eugene?

6. What is Eugene doing when the novel opens? How does he feel about it?

7. What does the nurse tell Tatyana of her own youth and marriage?

8. Even while Tatyana is recovering from her rejection, how are Olga and Vladimir doing?

9. Describe Vladimir Lensky.

10. What do Vladimir Lensky and Eugne Onegin discuss? What is their favorite topic?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

We don't see Eugene have any feelings other than boredom and irritation until the end of the story when he meets Tatyana in Moscow.

Part 1. Is Eugene really in love, or does he just want what he cannot have?

Part 2. Eugene reviews his life that winter he spends pining for Tatyana, is he finally actually experiencing past events or just wallowing in his own poor choices?

Part 3. Does knowing Tatyana help Eugene to become a better, deeper person?

Part 4. Would the change Eugene experiences in Moscow have happened if he had not rejected Tatyana?

Essay Topic 2

Eugene's rejection of Tatyana in the garden was complex and it's consequences manifold. Write an essay about this pivotal interaction.

Part 1. Although Eugene was being honest to Tatyana, was he also being a coward? Did he miss his chance for salvation?

Part 2. Was Eugene correct in his foretelling of what their married life would be like? Could things have been different?

Part 3. In the end of the novel Tatyana admits she is unhappy in her position and still loves Eugene. Was his rejection of her in the garden ultimately to her benefit despite this?

Essay Topic 3

Both of Tatyana's mother and nurse were married by an arranged marriage, and in the end Tatyana herself marries a man that her parents chose. Discuss arranged marriages.

Part 1. Many cultures have histories of arranged marriages. What are their benefits and downsides?

Part 2. How did the arranged marriage work out for Tatyana's mother? Was she better off than if she had married the dandy gambler she had fancied in her youth?

Part 3. If her parents had not pressured her, Tatyana would have stayed single after Eugene rejected her. Was she better off married to the good and powerful man that she married?

Part 4. Looking at both Tatyana and her mother from a societal view instead of a personal one, are they better contributing members of society in the roles their parents have chosen for them or in the roles they would have chosen for themselves? Is this important?

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