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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long has Vladimir Lensky known Olga?
(a) Vladimir Lensky met Olga at one of the neighbors after returning from Europe.
(b) Vladimir Lensky met Olga in Europe.
(c) Vladimir Lensky was engaged to Olga from a baby but had never met her.
(d) Vladimir Lensky and Olga grew up together because their parents were friends.

2. Which of the following best describes Tatyana?
(a) Cold and distant.
(b) Friendly and loving.
(c) Dark and moody.
(d) Pensive and withdrawn.

3. What did Eugene Onegin do that angered his new neighbors in the countryside?
(a) He institutes rent instead of unpaid labor from the peasants.
(b) All of the above.
(c) He rides away whenever they come visit.
(d) He does not address them with sufficient respect.

4. What could be found in Eugene Onegin's private rooms?
(a) A library of significant classic literature.
(b) Nothing, the rooms were spartan and bare and contained little more than a bed, desk, and armoir.
(c) A large collection of taxidermied animals.
(d) All the latest tools for hygiene and fashion from Paris and London.

5. What does Olga think of Vladimir Lensky's poetry about her?
(a) She makes him read it to her in front of everyone.
(b) She loves being the muse of his inspiration.
(c) She doesn't read poetry.
(d) She thinks his poems are trite and mundane.

6. Which of the following characters were designed as literary foils for each other?
(a) Eugene Onegin and Vladimir Lensky.
(b) Eugene Onegin and his neighbors.
(c) Tatyana's father and Eugene Onegin.
(d) Olga and her mother.

7. Who does the narrator say is the best person to depend on for love and trust?
(a) Spouses.
(b) Yourself.
(c) Family.
(d) Friends.

8. What message does Vladimir Lensky pass on to Eugene Onegin while visiting him in the winter?
(a) That Tatyana has moved to the city.
(b) That Olga begs him to come to a party at their house.
(c) That the Larin family is offended he hasn't ever come to visit again.
(d) That he is invited to Tatyana's name day celebration.

9. How does Tatyana imagine herself and Eugene Onegin?
(a) As representing the best of the city life and country life.
(b) As engaged.
(c) As the leaders of opposing troops on the battle field.
(d) As the hero and heroine of the romance novels she reads.

10. What does the narrator want with the author of THE FEASTS?
(a) To compose an elegy to Tatyana.
(b) To show him where to take this story.
(c) To translate Tatyana's letter into Russian.
(d) None of the above.

11. What does Eugene find when he reaches his uncle's estate in the country?
(a) That his uncle has already died.
(b) That his father has sent all his books to him there.
(c) That he lacks all his beloved comforts of home.
(d) That country girls are charming.

12. What does the narrator say of the literature of his time?
(a) It worships vampires.
(b) It makes vice attractive.
(c) All of the above.
(d) That it used to be about honesty and virtue.

13. What does the narrator take time from his story to praise?
(a) The beauty of the countryside.
(b) Women's feet.
(c) All of the above.
(d) Russian theater.

14. What does Eugene Onegin try to do to alleviate his depression? What is the result?
(a) He wants to travel, but his father won't let him.
(b) He tries to borrow money, but is denied.
(c) He tries to write, but cannot.
(d) He proposes to a girl, but she rejects him.

15. What does the narrator say he will write a novel about?
(a) A story of gory passions.
(b) A romance to make Tatyana blush.
(c) A true story of heroism.
(d) An old fashioned tale of love and family life.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Eugene agree to go to the celebration household?

2. What can be said of Onegin's education?

3. What was Tatyana most fond of growing up?

4. On a typical day, the young Eugene Onegin would....

5. Who is Tatyana?

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