Eugene Onegin Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the activities of a typical day in the life of Eugene Onegin.

Eugene usually sleeps late, and strolls around town until dinner time. He meets someone for dinner and has a gourmet meal, then goes to the ballet. At the ballet he primarily occupies himself looking for women to seduce. He gets bored quickly at the theater and goes home to primp himself for several hours before heading out to one or all of the balls or parties he was invited to that evening. He usually doesn't return until nearly dawn and starts the whole process again.

2. What is Eugene doing when the novel opens? How does he feel about it?

When the novel opens Eugene is traveling to visit his ailing uncle in the country. He is already bored at the prospect of tending the sick man.

3. Describe the character of Eugene Onegin.

Eugene Onegin is from a wealthy family and was educated by tutors. He did not excel in any of his studies and learned just enough that people consider him educated, especially since he is witty and eloquent. He is very concerned with appearances and keeps up with all the latest fashions from Paris and London. He spends most of his time pursuing women, which he is very good at.

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