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Essay Topic 1

There's a lot to write about Alexander Pushkin. Write an essay about him. Make sure to include some information from all of the parts listed below, but emphasis can be put on any one or several of the parts.

Part 1. Heritage and life.

Part 2. Literary works.

Part 3. Political leaning and influence.

Part 4. Influence on literature.

Essay Topic 2

Pushkin lived through a very interesting time in Russian history. Write an essay about the early 1800s in Russia, and the time that he lived in and the novel EUGENE ONEGIN took place in.

Part 1. What was the political situation of Russia in the early 1800s?

Part 2. How did the political climate affect Pushkin?

Essay Topic 3

The novel EUGENE ONEGIN has a theme of cycles that keeps coming up. Using passages from the book, discuss Pushkin's theme of cycles for each of the following topics.

Part 1. Generations

Part 2. Seasons...

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