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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Esk finds a book similar to Simon's, what does she notice that is different about the book?
(a) It turns into a bird.
(b) It is old.
(c) The letters are ugly creatures doing evil things to one another.
(d) It is heavy.

2. When Esk runs away from the caravan, what does she want to prove to the group and to everyone?
(a) That she is capable of killing them all.
(b) That she is beautiful.
(c) That she can be both a wizard and a witch.
(d) That she is intelligent.

3. Who cannot remember the library ever being cleaned but allows Esk to do it?
(a) Granny.
(b) Whitlow.
(c) Archbishop.
(d) Simon.

4. Which two of the following are one and the same?
(a) Wizardry, high magic.
(b) Giants, killers.
(c) Dwarves, women.
(d) Sorcerers, wizards.

5. When Esk enters the vehicle, what does she find Simon doing?
(a) Fighting.
(b) Complaining.
(c) Reading and jotting down notes.
(d) Dancing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the destination that Esk attempts to find a caravan traveling to?

2. When Esk leaves the Zoon family and wanders into town, what does she hope will happen so that the staff will appear in her hand?

3. What arrives in front of Esk and Granny from which a wizard appears, recognizes Esk, and offers to accompany Esk and Granny to their destination?

4. When Esk asks Adab to take her with them and he refuses, what does she ask him to do?

5. What does Granny tell Esk that Simon is doing that is unprecedented in a wizard?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is in charge of the laundry operations and where does this person live?

2. What is the nightmare that Esk has about the Strange Things when Granny finds her?

3. How does Esk enter the library and what does she notice that is different?

4. What happens to students who fail to become wizards?

5. What happens to Esk when she becomes the mind of the stones of the University?

6. How does Granny enter the University and what does she find?

7. When the senior wizards arrive in the library, what do they think has happened to Simon, and what do they do about him?

8. What happens to Granny when she travels to find Esk?

9. What does Granny pretend to do for the person in charge of the laundry operations?

10. What happens in the library involving Simon?

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