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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who tells Granny that she must take Esk to University and denies that women cannot be wizards?
(a) The sorcerer.
(b) The apple tree.
(c) The dead wolf.
(d) The blacksmith.

2. When Esk is frustrated with the Skillers, what does she realize about how magic works for her?
(a) It only works when she is not anxious.
(b) It only works when she is not thinking about it.
(c) It only works when she is not afraid.
(d) It only works when she is not angry.

3. When Granny locks her cottage and takes Esk with her, what is the name of the nearby metropolis that they visit?
(a) Ohulan Cutash.
(b) Discworld.
(c) Kailash.
(d) Ankh Morph.

4. Since the blacksmith's sons do not see any footprints outside the witch's house, what are they convinced that the witch can do?
(a) Change into animals.
(b) Move through time.
(c) Erase footprints.
(d) Move her house.

5. What role did Granny assume when she "borrows" another's mind?
(a) That of an evil medium doing a midnight séance.
(b) That of a predator swooping down on prey.
(c) That of a magician.
(d) That of a crow.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Esk is in the body of the animal, what does she dream about?

2. Who seems very different from siblings and exhibits odd behavior at Granny's house?

3. What can the eighth son of an eighth son become?

4. What does Granny want to buy in the city?

5. What is unresponsive until Granny says "please" and then waits for her to climb on board?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Esk leaves Granny's house but does not reappear for a long time?

2. Esk's use of the staff demonstrates something to Granny. What is that?

3. When Granny turns into an owl and flies to the orchard to talk to the apple tree, what does the tree tell her?

4. When Granny and Esk arrive in Ohulan Cutash, what do they see immediately in the marketplace and how do they both react?

5. When Granny tries to find Esk in the woods, what prevents her from finding Esk's location?

6. What does Hilta see in Esk's palm and what does she advise?

7. Describe Hilta Goatfounder.

8. Describe how Discworld is different from other planets.

9. What happens when Billet holds the staff over the baby? What does Granny propose to do with the staff and what happens to it?

10. What does the wizard Billet come into the town of Bad Ass for and what does he find?

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