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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Granny find Esk when she goes flying in search of Esk who is lost in the body of the animal?
(a) In a thunderstorm.
(b) A snow drift.
(c) The past.
(d) The future.

2. When Esk asks why Granny does not use magic to light a fire, what does Granny say in response?
(a) It is much easier to use a match.
(b) Magic cannot make a fire.
(c) Fires fight magic.
(d) One must know when to use magic or not.

3. What does Granny enter to get all the drones searching for Esk?
(a) Ants' "nestmind."
(b) Nest of birds.
(c) Bees' "hivemind."
(d) Starlings.

4. What does the Zoon family agree to keep Esk on board in return for?
(a) Teaching them alchemy.
(b) Doing magic.
(c) Doing chores.
(d) Teaching them how to control the minds of animals.

5. When Granny tells the Smith family about Esk going to the Unseen University, what does Esk do?
(a) Lights fires.
(b) Climbs her tree and thinks about wizards.
(c) Takes a nap.
(d) Reads a book.

6. When Granny asks Esk to fetch her witchcraft, what does she say Esk must know, without which there is no point to teaching her witchcraft?
(a) How to cure a wart.
(b) The secret of witchcraft that it contains.
(c) How to cook a toad.
(d) The way to make a spell.

7. In the first section of the book, what is the primary theme that the author Terry Pratchett discusses?
(a) Is magic possible?
(b) Is death preventable?
(c) Can a female be a wizard?
(d) Are animals magical?

8. Skiller laughs when Esk asks to drink what?
(a) Beer.
(b) Wine.
(c) Water.
(d) Goat milk.

9. When Granny is able to restore Esk to her body, whom does she free that now holds a grudge?
(a) The dog.
(b) The wolf.
(c) The goat.
(d) The eagle.

10. After Granny subdues Esk and brings her back home, what does she find and use the raw power of the staff to unravel?
(a) Wound up emotions.
(b) Flickers of Esk's silvery mind.
(c) Spools of magic yarn.
(d) Strong potions.

11. Granny advises Esk not to upset the owner of the mind that she borrows by trying to control it but instead to do what?
(a) Suggest things that are natural to it.
(b) Subdue it.
(c) Listen to it.
(d) Avoid it.

12. What is headology?
(a) Wearing scarves around the head.
(b) The worship of heads.
(c) The study of heads.
(d) When people see the hat and cloak, they assume her magic will work.

13. When Granny and Smith bury the wizard in the family orchard, what grows in his place?
(a) A fig.
(b) A lion.
(c) An apple tree.
(d) A pineapple.

14. What is the eighth child of the eighth son of the blacksmith called?
(a) Weatherwax.
(b) Smith.
(c) Eskarina.
(d) Moses.

15. When Granny travels in search of Esk who has entered the mind of an animal, how does she sit in lady-like fashion on her method of transport?
(a) With hands folded.
(b) Side-saddle.
(c) Astride it.
(d) Backwards.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Gulta becomes an animal, who agrees with Esk that her brother is more fitting as an animal?

2. Unfortunately, when Esk finally falls asleep on the boat by the dock, what does it do?

3. Granny calms Esk who is panicking. What is the vital lesson that Esk has learned?

4. While Granny is nervous about being in the city, Esk enjoys the colors, smell, and noise. What is it a mix of?

5. What is Granny adamant about concerning male and female magic?

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