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This place is home to a university, smells of incense, beer, grain, spices, and people, and is located on the coast of an ocean.

The Apple Tree

This object is covered in mistletoe, has sour or rotten fruit, and discusses magic with an owl.

Bad Ass

This mountain village is the home of Esk Smith and Granny Weatherwax and has long winter snows and bad roads.


This is the flat planet where most of the novel's action occurs. It rides on the back of four gigantic, meteor-pocked elephants that stand on the shell of a 10,000-mile long star turtle.

Dungeon Dimensions

This place is inhabited by the Strange Things that are attracted to magic as to a beacon and pull in Esk Smith and student wizard Simon.

The Fiddler's Riddle

Esk Smith meets the Skillers who try to steal her staff when it can change beer...

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