Equal Rites Character Descriptions

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Eskarina Smith

The eighth child in the family, with a potential to be a wizard, this character has brown hair, turns beer into milk that becomes brandy at the Fiddler's Riddle.

Esmeralda Weatherwax

This character is a witch from the village of Bad Ass with long white hair and a hooked nose who knows a lot about herbage and enjoys borrowing the minds of animals.


Tall and skinny with acne, this character is an avid reader, who stutters. This character practices magic.

Nanny Annaple

This character is a witch covered with warts who lost teeth at the age of twenty.

Drum Billet

This individual is a wizard who gives a staff to the village smith to be given to wizard's eighth son and is later reincarnated as an ant that lives under the flagstones of Unseen University.

Archchancellor Cutangle

This character is the head of Unseen University...

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