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Equal Rites, pgs. 1-33

• Discworld is a planet full of magic and sex flying through space on four giant elephants atop a massive star turtle.

• A wizard called Drum Billet comes to the village of Bad Ass to find the blacksmith's eighth son.

• The eighth son of an eighth son is destined to be a wizard.

• However, the blacksmith's eighth child is a girl.
• Drum Billet dies of shock and the Smith family buries him in the family orchard.

• He turns into a giant apple tree that the young girl Esk loves to climb.

• Esk acts differently from her siblings.

• Her brothers Cern and Gulta take her to the witch's house.
• The witch is missing so the boys go in search of her while Esk waits.

• Esk gets afraid when she hears sounds and runs into the woods that are full of wolves.

• Granny, the witch, cannot find...

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