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Short Answer Questions

1. On what street is Sloane's old flat?

2. Where does Kath meet Sloane?

3. Who does Sloane say he's likely gotten Kemp confused with?

4. Where does Sloane say Kemp should be?

5. What compliment does Kath remark on with Sloane in Act One?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Kemp say his boss does? What is his position?

2. What is Sloane's "threat" used to get what he wants? How do the characters respond to it?

3. Where is the play set? What is the house like? Where is it?

4. How does Sloane remember his parents? Why does he feel as he does?

5. What are the macabre elements of Entertaining Mr. Sloane?

6. How old is the character of Kath? What is her age in relation to the other characters? How old does she act?

7. At which point in Act Three does Sloane lose the upper hand?

8. How does Sloane's attitude change between Act One and Act Two?

9. What clues lead Ed to suspect Sloane of taking the car out?

10. How does Kath reveal that she is pregnant? How does she feel about the situation?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Describe how each character in Entertaining Mr. Sloane embodies that of a self-serving, self-centered character. Does anyone do anything which serves as beyond their personal satisfaction? If so, who? Cite examples of the actions and objective of the characters as examples.

Essay Topic 2

Why is Kath concerned about her reputation? What is said in regards to this--by Kath, by Ed, by Kemp and by Sloane? What is the hypocrisy of the situation?

Essay Topic 3

How does Entertaining Mr. Sloane cross the barriers of taboo regarding homosexuality? How does the play portray homosexuals without using explicit terms like "gay" or "homosexual"?

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