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Short Answer Questions

1. Which character says, "I'm broadminded"?

2. Why does Kath say she can't ask Dadda to do any work involving ladders?

3. What does Ed ask Sloane about first?

4. How long is Kath actually married?

5. Who does Sloane say he's likely gotten Kemp confused with?

Short Essay Questions

1. At which point in Act Three does Sloane panic completely, given his circumstances?

2. How does Kemp respond to Sloane's story of the happenings with Kemp's boss?

3. How is Sloane comparable to Orton the playwright?

4. What is revealed about the characters' motives in Act Two?

5. How does Sloane respond when Ed corners him regarding taking out the car? What is Ed's reaction?

6. What is the theme of Entertaining Mr. Sloane? What does the term "theme" mean?

7. What does Kemp attempt to tell Ed about Sloane? What does he show him as proof?

8. What are the macabre elements of Entertaining Mr. Sloane?

9. How is this play similar to Theatre of the Absurd?

10. What comments does Kemp say that lead to the presumption that he is bigoted? How do the others respond?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the characters of Ed and Kath. What similarities do they share? What divides them? How do these characters feel about each other?

Essay Topic 2

Describe how each character in Entertaining Mr. Sloane embodies that of a self-serving, self-centered character. Does anyone do anything which serves as beyond their personal satisfaction? If so, who? Cite examples of the actions and objective of the characters as examples.

Essay Topic 3

Which character employs the most "verbal wit" in the play? What genre of drama does this verbal sparring most closely resemble? Give examples of the verbal wit used in Entertaining Mr. Sloane.

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