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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sloane say when he reenters the lounge where Pop and Ed are in Act Two?
(a) Someone has hit the car.
(b) Someone is here to see Kath.
(c) Someone is here to see Kemp.
(d) Someone is here to see Ed.

2. What does Kemp say he's expecting a delivery of?
(a) A damson tree.
(b) His pills.
(c) A gnome.
(d) A telegraph.

3. Who does Kath say doesn't let Tommy marry her?
(a) Her father.
(b) His church.
(c) Ed.
(d) His parents.

4. Who does Kath see playing the accordion in Act Two?
(a) Ed.
(b) Kemp.
(c) Sloane.
(d) A foreigner.

5. What is in the box that Ed brings in in Act Two?
(a) A teddy bear.
(b) A fruit basket.
(c) A car part.
(d) A gnome.

6. What is it that bothers Kath at the beginning of Act Two?
(a) Her father is ill.
(b) A woman gives her number to Sloane.
(c) Sloane tells her he doesn't love her.
(d) Her brother isn't home yet.

7. Kath says to Ed: "And if you send him away I shall cry like the time _________."
(a) You send Tommy away.
(b) My baby dies.
(c) You leave for the war.
(d) You take my real baby.

8. What does Kemp's boss do to Sloane?
(a) Kiss him.
(b) Arrest him.
(c) Photograph him.
(d) Break his arm.

9. Why does Kath go to the Register office?
(a) To research Sloane's history.
(b) So see about a marriage certificate.
(c) So see about a birth certificate.
(d) To inquire about her lost son.

10. Who says, "What a life. Backache, headache, or her mum tells her never to when there's an 'R' in the month"?
(a) Kemp.
(b) Richard.
(c) Ed.
(d) Sloane.

11. What does Sloane take from Kemp when he's alone with him in Act Two?
(a) His tea.
(b) His bandage.
(c) His walking stick.
(d) His gun.

12. What does Kath say Sloane is doing the night before in Act Two?
(a) Watching television.
(b) Going out with friends.
(c) Cooking dinner.
(d) Taking her on a date.

13. What does Sloane ask Ed for in regard to his moving in?
(a) A raise.
(b) A ring.
(c) A vacation.
(d) A loan.

14. What does Kath ask if she can call Sloane in Act Two?
(a) Boy.
(b) Brother.
(c) Sonny.
(d) Baby.

15. What happens to Kemp at the end of Act Two?
(a) Ed kills him.
(b) He dies of a stroke.
(c) Kath kills him.
(d) Sloane kills him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ed do to Tommy's letter to Kath?

2. What does Kath reveal to Sloane in Act Two?

3. What does Ed say "put him in the way to success"?

4. In Act Two, what does Ed suggest that Sloane do?

5. To whom is the line spoken, "Told him she's up the stick do you? Why do you tell him"?

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