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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kath send Kemp to get from upstairs in Act One?
(a) Dettol.
(b) Bandages.
(c) Aspirin.
(d) Tylenol.

2. What does Kath change into for the end of Act One?
(a) Nothing.
(b) A dowdy nightgown.
(c) A see-through negligee.
(d) A dress.

3. Who does Sloane say he's likely gotten Kemp confused with?
(a) Fergusson.
(b) Jameson.
(c) Williams.
(d) Ed.

4. Which character says, "You're a teaser aint you"?
(a) Kath.
(b) Ed.
(c) Kemp.
(d) Sloane.

5. How long is Kath actually married?
(a) Ten years.
(b) One year.
(c) Six months.
(d) She isn't.

6. Where does Sloane say he is raised?
(a) London.
(b) A castle.
(c) Westchester.
(d) An orphanage.

7. What does Kemp say he witnesses his son engaged in when he is 17?
(a) Some kind of felony in the bedroom.
(b) Sleeping with a girl.
(c) Taking drugs.
(d) Stealing money.

8. Who is Kath's father?
(a) William.
(b) Sloane.
(c) Kemp.
(d) Ed.

9. Where does Kath meet Sloane?
(a) The library.
(b) At the shop.
(c) The pub.
(d) At church.

10. Who is sent to get Sloane's suitcase?
(a) Ed.
(b) Kath.
(c) Dadda.
(d) The bellhop.

11. Who does Kemp mistake Sloane for when he first meets him?
(a) Ed.
(b) Kath.
(c) Joseph.
(d) The postman.

12. Whom does Kath say arranges her child's adoption?
(a) Her lover.
(b) Her father.
(c) Her brother.
(d) Her mother.

13. Which character says, "I'm broadminded"?
(a) Kath.
(b) Kemp.
(c) Ed.
(d) Sloane.

14. What does Kath tell Sloane she has on beneath her dress?
(a) Lace underwear.
(b) Nothing.
(c) His underwear.
(d) A bra.

15. Where does Sloane invite Kath to go with him in Act One?
(a) To go to the corner pub.
(b) To go to London.
(c) To go to the seashore.
(d) To visit his parents' grave.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Kemp's position for his former boss?

2. Which character says, "You've seen the milkman before. That's no cause to throw the shears at him"?

3. Who comes tapping at the window in Act One?

4. Why does Kath say she can't ask Dadda to do any work involving ladders?

5. Where does Sloane say Kemp should be?

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