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Both British and American tabloids are rife with stories similar to that of Entertaining Mr Sloane--not to mention interview shows like Ricki Lake, etc.

Given the importance of "keeping up appearances," ask students to bring in a tabloid clipping which relates to the subjects of Entertaining Mr Sloane. Families which seem "normal" on the surface, but are seething with a murky under-layer are fodder for most yellow journalism.

Diary of a Character

Ask the students to write a one-page diary entry from the point of view of any character in the play. Tie events into the action of the play, or into the past events which are mentioned through exposition.

Dr. Phil Visits Mr Sloane

Students come in front of the class in groups of three. Two students will choose characters from the play and the third student will play "Dr. Phil." Dr. Phil gets to interview...

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