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Act 1

• In a nondescript location in England, Kath, a 40s-ish woman, is showing a parlor room in her house to Mr Sloane, a prospective boarder.

• Kath flirts with Sloan, who is half her age (20), through subtext and sexual innuendo, stating, "I'd be happy to have you."

• Sloane agrees to take the room.

• Kath reveals that she has a son who dies and that she is a widow.

• A few moments later, Kath confesses that her son is illegitimate and that she is never married.

• Kath becomes more and more flirtatious, finally wrapping Sloane's arms around her and giving him what she calls a "motherly kiss".

• Sloane reveals he is raised in an orphanage following the death of his parents when he is eight.

• Sloane declares his filial devotion to his parents' memory, telling Kath that he makes an annual trip to their tombs and suggests that Kath accompany...

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